Advanced Marketing Certificate Program


AMCP classes are taught by the same graduate school professors and pre-eminent business executives who teach in the SMU Cox School of Business MBA program — recognized as one of the top graduate business programs in the world.

Current instructors are:

  • Dr. Marci Armstrong

    Clinical Professor and Hal Brierley Endowed Professor of Customer Engagement
    Dr. Armstrong is a seven-time teaching award winner, consultant to major corporations, Director of the Brierley Institute for Customer Engagement and the Brierley Endowed Professor.
  • Ms. Rita Egeland

    Adjunct Professor and Chief Marketing Officer, Athena Associates, LLC
    Ms. Egeland is former Chief Marketing Officer, Rent-A-Center and 7-Eleven, Inc. She is adjunct faculty at the Cox School, teaching MBA marketing management courses.
  • Mr. Dennis Grindle

    Past Director of SMU Cox MBA Career Management Center
  • Mr. David Hall

    Brand Management Principal, The Richards Group
    Mr. Hall is Brand Management Principal at The Richards Group. He has spent the last 35 years building strong brands for clients across just about every business category, in the process helping The Richards Group become the largest independent agency in America.
  • Dr. Dan Howard

    Professor of Marketing
    Dr. Howard currently serves as associate editor of Social Influence and has been an editorial board member for the Journal of Advertising for over 20 years. He has published extensively in the area of influence and persuasion. Business Week magazine has recognized Dr. Howard as an "Outstanding Graduate Marketing Faculty" member.
  • Mr. John Keehler

    Adjunct Professor and Partner and Director of Strategy, RUNNER
    Mr. Keehler is adjunct faculty at the Cox School and Partner and Director of Strategy at RUNNER. He has deep experience leading teams, building and inspiring great digital marketing, digital products, growing traffic and revenue - blurring the line between strategy, creative and UX, and driven by a passion for new technology and embracing change.
  • Mr. Gary Orosy

    Adjunct Professor and Consultant
    Mr. Orosy is adjunct faculty at the Cox School teaching graduate marketing courses. He is also a marketing strategy consultant, guiding clients along a clear strategic path to greater profitability using current and emerging marketing technologies that includes journey-based customer strategies, big data analytics, pinpointing digital and social media messaging and brand building.
  • Mr. Clyde Rupert

    Adjunct Professor and Consultant
    Mr. Rupert has a rich history of creating marketing programs for Silicon Valley firms and motion picture industry firms in Hollywood. He has also developed innovative marketing campaigns for companies seeking new product development rollout assistance. Mr. Rupert has also taught hundreds of undergraduate students in the marketing department at the Cox School.
  • Dr. Raj Sethuraman

    Harold Stanley Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Executive Director, Center for Marketing Management Studies
    Dr. Sethuraman has 30 years experience in teaching and consulting and is the author of award winning papers on brand equity and marketing mix.
  • Dr. Tassu Shervani

    Associate Professor of Marketing
    Dr. Shervani is consistently recognized as an educator par-excellence and in addition to teaching, he is a consultant in the areas of global strategy and organization, shareholder value, business models, innovation, and business development. His clients are from the telecommunications, financial services, technology, consumer, manufacturing, healthcare, private equity, and energy sectors.