Advanced Marketing Certificate Program


by Raj Sethuraman|

The new AMCP curriculum covers the integration of how the online, digital environment influences all aspects of marketing including consumer behavior, customer engagement, segmentation, positioning, branding, pricing, advertising, strategic and omni-channel marketing.

Cutting Edge Marketing Topics

Expert Professors

Nationally-Ranked Faculty

Live Digital Product Marketing Case

Workplace Application

One-on-One Faculty Mentor

Networking Dinners

Interactive Panel Discussions

Free Career Counseling


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These AMCP classes are taught by the same graduate school professors and pre-eminent business executives who teach in the SMU Cox School of Business MBA program — recognized as one of the top graduate business programs in the world.

These interactive class sessions are supplemented with student networking dinners, breakout sessions and case discussions, panel discussions with industry leaders, and faculty mentoring so as to get the most real-world knowledge out of the program.

In particular, students will work in groups on a live digital product marketing case throughout the program, as the basis for applying what is learnt in each lecture. The case will be discussed in class. At the end of the program, each student will write a marketing plan for the digital product. To motivate you to do your best, the marketing plans will be evaluated for best plan awards at graduation.

In addition, students are encouraged to write an optional paper on Taking AMCP to their workplace, as well as attend a free bonus class and obtain free consultation on career counseling in marketing from a veteran advisor, so as to meet his/her individual goals.
Each class is videotaped for those who have to be absent or if you want to review concepts covered.

There is a compulsory 70% attendance for completing the program. That is, students may not miss more than 3 out of the 10 AMCP sessions. If they do, they will not be given a completion certificate at graduation and will have to retake AMCP at a later point in time.

Because AMCP is a non-degree certificate program, a certificate will be awarded for all participants completing the program. Those desiring a grade in addition to the certificate, due to company requirements or other reasons, can obtain a grade based on their case analysis marketing plan paper.