MSBA Tuition and Financing

A graduate education is one of the most important investments you will ever make.  The returns can be measured in enhanced job opportunities, self-confidence and post-MSBA success.  This is why you should seek a program that prepares you for your career.

Tuition and Budget

For full-time students enrolled in 12-18 credit hours per semester, the 2020-2021 academic year tuition is a flat rate of $21,639 per semester ($43,278 for the entire program when completed in two semesters), plus the MSBA program fee of $600 per term ($1,200 for the academic year), plus general student fees of $3,291 per term ($6,582 for the academic year) and mandatory health services fees of $50 per term ($100 for the academic year) . The total tuition and fees costs for the 2020-2021 academic year is $51,160. This covers the entire 33-credit hour program. Students enrolling in the program on a part-time basis are charged per credit hour. The 2020-2021 academic year per credit hour costs for the part-time program include $1,353 for tuition, $277 in general student fees plus the $600 per term program fee and mandatory $50 per term health services fee. 

An approximate budget that includes all costs of living in Dallas and attending the entire program full-time might be as follows:

Tuition     $ 43,278
General Student Fees     $ 6,582
Program Fee     $ 1,200
Health Center Fee      $ 100
Student Living Expense     $ 17,700
Books and Supplies     $ 2,500
Health Insurance     $ 3,000
Transportation     $ 1,500
Other Expenses     $ 1,500
Total 9-month*
    $  77,360

*This estimated total is based on a nine-month school year for the 2020-2021 academic year. The cost may be more or less depending on the student’s lifestyle, whether the student lives on-campus of off-campus, and whether any family members accompany the student.

For additional information about financial aid, contact:
Meredith Turner
Graduate Financial Aid Advisor

Additional Resources

Other sources of financial assistance are available for U.S. citizens and permanent residents which may help defray the cost of your education and living expenses including student loans.  Information on some of these sources can be obtained at:  Applicants may also seek out outside scholarships including those offered through the AICPA, state CPA societies and other outside groups.

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer any assistantships as a part of our program. Scholarships offered through the program are available to allow students without regard to citizenship.