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Accounting You’ll learn how this “scorecard of business,” enables internal and external observers to assess performance— and gives managers critical data for decision-making.

Marketing In class and in the field, you’ll explore how companies identify unfulfilled needs, convert them into business opportunities and maximize consumer satisfaction.

Finance You’ll understand planning, forecasting, and the sourcing and allocation of capital. You’ll learn how companies access markets and use financial instruments to fund operations and fuel growth.

Business law You’ll explore key topics in business and employment law, including employer liabilities, discrimination, wrongful discharge, at-will employment, white-collar crime, intellectual property and labor law.

Career planning We’ll coach you on building an accomplished resume, presenting with confidence and making a positive impression as a polished interviewer.

Computer skills Sessions on Microsoft Excel will help you strengthen your ability to analyze and manage data.

Entrepreneurship The director of the SMU Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship will present the ins and outs of planning, financing and managing a startup.

Personal Finance You’ll gain invaluable insights into everyday budgeting, handling student debt, saving for big events, planning for retirement and more.