Participant Comments

"After completing the Summer Business Institute, I realized how fascinating and important having a firm grasp on accounting and finance can be for a successful career in business. After SBI, I ended up enrolling in SMU’s Master of Science in Finance program to further my knowledge. SBI got me hooked and served as a great jumping-off point."

Henry Holtzer
Colby College, Economics

"SBI was exactly what I needed to balance my non- business major. Regardless of the career you pursue, a foundational understanding of finance, accounting, business law and entrepreneurship will be essential to your success. I knew the program paid off when I nailed a business question in an interview and got the job. I am incredibly grateful for the SBI program and would recommend it to every non-business student."

Reid Burkett
Southern Methodist University, Psychology

"My SMU engineering professors taught me fluid mechanics, structural analysis and other complex concepts I use every day. But the Summer Business Institute taught me essential life lessons - personal finances, 401(k)s and more. Attending SBI after my senior year was a great transition from being a student to being a member of society."

Gabriel Andonie
Southern Methodist University, Civil Engineering

"SBI sharpened my skills and prepared me for upper-level economics courses. It was a fantastic way to get ready for the business world and stand out when applying for internships and jobs."

James Student
Southern Methodist University, Economics

"The professors demonstrated the importance of marketing, finance, and accounting while applying real-life examples to each SBI student's area of study throughout the month. The rigor of the course was both challenging and rewarding and I look forward to implementing these concepts in the fields of communications and public relations."

Mary Anna Billingsley
Southern Methodist University, Communications

"The certificate I earned from the Summer Business Institute is an achievement that will set my resume apart. I truly enjoyed working for it. The course content, instructors, field trips - every element was fantastic. I didn't want the program to end."

Hannah Taylor
Southern Methodist University, Economics

"The SBI far exceeded my expectations. Besides learning the "basics" of business, I was able to apply business knowledge and skills through hands on experiences. The professors truly care about the students and make sure the students get everything out of the program. I strongly recommend the SBI to anyone who wants to learn, build, and utilize their business skills, no matter their background."

Jimmy Anderson
University of Georgia, Economics

"Coming into the Summer Business Institute, I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t sure how business would help me, since my degree was in cinema television. Completing the program was one of the best experiences of my life. It’s opened the door to a whole host of new possibilities. I’m now pursuing a career in the financial sector—which is about the farthest thing from film there is. SBI changed my life and my future."

Tom Hauser
Southern Methodist University, Cinema Television

"The Summer Business Institute was challenging and inspiring. In just four weeks, I gained priceless knowledge that has enhanced my resumé and guided me toward a new career path. Through the tireless dedication of my instructors, I was able to grasp business concepts and learn how to approach professional situations with confidence and skill."

Morgan Davidson
Southern Methodist University, Art History/Italian Area Studies

"SBI helped me develop an understanding of fundamental business principles and gave me the working knowledge I need to be a competitive applicant for business-related programs."

Mitu Ramgopal
University of Minnesota, Genetics, Cell Biology and Development

"SBI gave me a solid grounding in all aspects of corporate culture. The professors kept me interested in the material—even accounting—and were truly invested in their students. Our field trips to Cowboys Stadium and The Richards Group made me realize how much I had learned in only a few weeks. Now I don’t have to learn basic business on the fly. I have a step up on my competition."

April Philley
Vanderbilt University, Sociology and Philosophy

"The Summer Business Institute gave me the tools I needed to be successful in one of the highest-ranking MBA programs in the country. It was a priceless investment in my future that I’d recommend to anyone who’s looking to expand their horizons."

Maura C. Bellmio
SMU, MA/MBA, Arts Management

"The Summer Business Institute gave me the tools I needed to be successful in one of the highest-ranking MBA programs in the country. It was a priceless investment in my future that I’d recommend to anyone who’s looking to expand their horizons."

Maura C. Bellmio
SMU, MA/MBA, Arts Management

"The SMU Cox Summer Business Institute was incredibly valuable. It not only taught me the ‘how’ of accounting, finance and marketing, it also taught me the ‘why.’ I chose SBI over an internship because I knew how important these insights will be when I start my own business. I couldn’t have found better teachers than the faculty at SMU Cox."

Daniel Briesch
SMU, English

"The professors are fantastic and I know significantly more than I did before enrolling. I think everyone should take this program."

Jacquelin Sewell 
New York University, Social Science and Political Science

"I enjoyed it; I thought I would suffer there. SBI is the reason I’m actually doing well in business school! I fully expected the SBI classes to be taught by graduate students, but they’re all taught by SMU professors."

Gwyneth G. Gravelle 
Duke University, Asian Languages & Literature

"I had an extremely positive experience at the Summer Business Institute. For me, the highlight was working with and learning from the Cox professors of undergraduate and graduate programs."

Katie Brattain 
Southern Methodist University, Spanish and Markets & Culture

"Of all the extracurricular and volunteer activities I was involved with during my undergraduate years, choosing to participate in the SMU Cox Summer Business Institute is by far the best decision I made for my career."

C. Halle Smith 
Southern Methodist University, Political Science

"I am glad to have found out about the program in time to join! I have really learned a lot and will be able to take home a wealth of knowledge. A+ on this program."

Anne-Marie Corley 
Stanford University, Slavic Languages and Literatures

"The instructors were out standing. The knowledge I gain from the courses will be invaluable to my future as it has greatly increased my interest in business."

Oliver Stone
Emory University, History

"Before the Institute, I didn’t understand business concepts. Thanks to the help of the SMU instructors, I have the courage to enter the job market, feeling confident that I have competitive edge."

Laurie Anne Feltus
Sewanee: The University of the South, English

"The instructors were well organized and taught with enthusiasm. I can now apply to business school with confidence and succeed. I have already recommended this program to others."

Bryan Hixon
Duke University, Psychology

"The program was extremely useful for those who want to learn an overview of business environments."

Justin Fountain
Texas A&M University, Mechanical Engineering

"The quality of this program was outstanding! I have acquired knowledge of all business fundamentals that I will need to be a successful individual in corporate America."

Shannon Blount
Southern Methodist University, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs

"The Summer Business Institute gave me a stronger grasp of current business ideas and trends. The faculty was excellent and they provided the tools I need to become confident in the business world."

Richard Burt
University of Tennessee, Urban Studies