Parents Comments

“When our daughter mentioned the Summer Business Institute after her spring semester, our first thought was, ’You need some time off.’ Boy, were we wrong. The classes and information Elizabeth learned were truly inspiring— and she put that knowledge to work immediately. The SBI curriculum covers content every high-school and college student needs to know. We’re very pleased with SBI and feel the investment was truly worthwhile. We highly encourage other students to get involved.”

Pete and Lisa Whan, SBI ’17 Parents
“Two of our children have attended SBI, and it was a great compliment to their college educations. They got a crash course in business knowledge that's enabled them to better understand key aspects of their lives and careers. With business courses, company tours and workshops and training for interviews and presentations, the program is a well-rounded experience I'd recommend for any non-business major”

Victor Andonie, SBI ’14 and '15 Dad
“The Summer Business Institute was all we hoped it would be. We wanted Hannah to be exposed to key business disciplines and the local professionals involved with the program. You delivered what we were expecting and more. We're very pleased with the choice.”

Phillip Taylor, SBI ’15 Dad

"Our daughter was hesitant about taking SBI but called us within the first week to tell us of her newfound passion for marketing. SBI was the perfect balance of coursework--including field trips, teamwork, and a cumulative final presentation. I have already recommended it to several parents." 

 Becky Billingsley, SBI ’14 Mom

“SBI provided my daughter with the opportunity to receive the benefits of the Cox School of Business in an accelerated 30-day window. The practical knowledge she gained will last her a lifetime.”

Scott Rohr, SBI ’14 Dad
“SBI made a real difference for Mitu. It opened his eyes about business and gave him a framework for making sense of the business world.”

 Ramgopal Venkataraman, SBI ’11 Dad
“Victor participated in the 2011 SBI, and it resulted in a profound transformation. He found the program rigorous and very pertinent, the students interesting and—although most of the courses are taught by tenured faculty—the professors more than accessible. He started his junior-year summer internship interviews with a strong foundation in business, a beautiful resume, enhanced interviewing skills and a self-confidence that was priceless.”

 Jan C. Olavarri, 
SBI ’11 Mom
“My son earned a degree in English and wanted to boost his career potential after graduation. SBI was ideal. He enjoyed the content and said the professors were outstanding. When he landed a marketing job, we gave SBI a lot of the credit because of the material it covered and the help he received in creating a professional resumé.”

 Richard A. Briesch, 
SBI ’10 Dad
 “Several things impressed me about the program. One was the quality of the instruction. My daughter—an art history major—described lessons and insights from professors that I only got in a two year MBA program. The other thing was the tailoring of instruction to a group who may not think they’re business types, but who now have the tools to be, at a minimum, very knowledgeable consumers of business and financial services.”

 Bo Underwood, 
SBI ’12 Dad
- "Tyler gained valuable insight into the business world which allowed him to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors over the last several years. Alison is a biological and chemistry major. Prior to entering dental school, she felt she needed to broaden has business knowledge due to setting up a practice after she completes her program."

 Anne Fields, 
SBI '07, '09 Mom
 - "The SBI program was a great way for our daughter with degrees in Asian Studies and Theater from Duke University to test her idea about whether her graduate B-school notion was a passing fancy or the beginning of a craft. It turned a potentially difficult decision-making process into a serious lifetime interest for her and a strengthened common bond based on a language we can both speak."

 David A. Gravelle, 
SBI '08 Dad
- "My son graduated with majors in Comparative Politics and Chinese. After graduation, he enrolled in the Summer Business Institute to get a better sense of the corporate world. He was very happy with what he learned and how he learned it. The program was consistently engaging and matched almost perfectly his level and interests. He particularly enjoyed the teaching styles of the professors and the team projects. I felt the overall curriculum was comprehensive and organized in such a way that students like my son could access it effectively. I would recommend this program to any recent college graduate who felt the need to ramp up their knowledge about business before pursuing a career."

• Gordon Walker, 
SBI '08 | Dad