Summer Business Institute

Business Basics for Non-Business Majors

No matter which career path you're on, you're going to have teams to lead, budgets to analyze, products or services to market and results to deliver — all of which require a basic business education. We've designed the SMU Cox Summer Business Institute to give non-business majors and early-career professionals a firm grasp of these theories and skills as part of an intensive and dynamic experience. Taught by top professors from the Cox School MBA and Executive Education programs, this rigorous four-week certificate program will also give you career counseling, invaluable connections and a confidence that will help you push ahead as you launch this next phase in your life.


Summer Business Institute

"Your work may not be business - but make no doubt, business will be a big part of your work. From the arts to zoology, there are plans to develop, ideas to pitch, budgets to analyze and results to deliver. You may not live for business, but in today's world, you can't ignore it." Utilize the career-enhancing power of the SMU Cox Summer Business Institute.

Before attending SBI, I had never taken a business course aside from High School economics. I have an interest in starting my own small business during my adult career so now would be a great time to start picking up the basics of it.

Kenny Kovalski

Mechanical Engineering, SMU Class of 2021

  • Class Profile

    By The Numbers: SBI Student Majors

    SMU Cox Summer Business Institute students represent a vast variety of undergraduate majors, from art history to film studies, sociology and engineering. Some students discover a new career path during their short time here. A few use what they've learned to start their own business. All of the students who enter the SBI are serious about learning business and career basics to prepare for the road ahead.

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  • Curriculum

    Over the course of study, you’ll work with faculty mentors to explore current business issues, analyze real-world situations, and hone teamwork and interviewing skills. You'll see business in action during field trips to leading companies and interactions with visiting speakers. At the end of the month, you and your team will give a formal business presentation that pulls together everything you’ve learned. And you'll leave the program with course materials that will be valuable reference tools well into your career.


    • Accounting
    • Marketing
    • Finance
    • Business law
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Personal Finance
    • Career Planning

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    Program Schedule

    The Summer Business Institute is a demanding four-week course that requires serious commitment.

    • Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    • Two three-hour classes per day, morning and afternoon.
    • Two hours of homework most evenings.
    • The final weekend may involve group work.

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    • Hemang Desai


      The Summer Business Institute academic director, Hemang Desai is an award-winning professor and scholar. He teaches accounting in the Institute and leads graduate business classes in mergers and acquisitions.

    • Judy Foxman


      Before she launched her award-winning teaching career, Judy Foxman worked in brand management at major corporations. Besides teaching marketing at the SBI, Judy teaches undergraduate advertising, promotion and marketing classes at SMU Cox.

    • Michael Davis


      Michael Davis, Ph.D., specializes in the intersection of government and business. An expert in economic theory, he has researched topics ranging from how to measure the value of publicly funded sports facilities to the question of why politicians lie.

  • Your Application & Tuition

  • The Value of an SMU Cox SBI Certificate

    Your SBI certificate tells potential employers that you understand the importance of business skills and care enough to earn an important credential from a leading business school. Not only will you have practiced presenting yourself — you'll stand out as a well-rounded candidate who is ready to make a contribution on the job from day one. During your career planning module, we'll show you how to properly list your certificate on your resume so that corporate recruiters will recognize its value.

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