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Certificate in Leadership

Today’s successful leaders are broad thinkers with a global perspective that extends far beyond their own self-interest.

In 10 challenging sessions, this dynamic leadership development course for mid-level and experienced leaders will transform your leadership vision and approach from the inside out. You’ll master the nuances and challenges of assembling and managing external teams. You’ll move out of your comfort zone and develop your own personal style of authentic leadership that enables you to coach others, nurture talent and lead change across organizations and multi-generational teams. You’ll learn how to maximize your company’s most valuable, volatile asset—human capital—and strengthen your skills in strategic thinking that looks beyond the crisis of the hour.

Benefits to You
Improve business decision-making skills, enhance capacity to understand and implement change, gain a positive approach to leading people and enhancing value
Evaluate the multiple techniques for using conflict and creative tension to revitalize organizational capabilities
Learn how to make better decisions by avoiding some common cognitive biases and traps
Learn to implement current research on today's most valued leadership topics
Create and execute an actionable development plan that addresses your unique needs

Benefits to Your Organization
The knowledge and skills you gain in this executive leadership development program will help your organization increase effectiveness of organizational change initiatives, enhance total organizational effectiveness, improve retention of future business leadership talent, and reduce the cost and trauma of organizational transitions.

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  • Topics

    Orientation, and Leveraging Human Capital Resources
    Present a vision of the role HR can play in organizations. Discuss how to align HR practices with organizational strategy. Learn the importance of infrastructure.

    Mickey Quiñones

    Demography, Geopolitics, and Strategy: Imperatives Facing Global Business
    Examine the linkage between demography and geopolitics as both influence the rise and decline of nation states, markets, and economic models. Discern how current sources of geopolitical tensions can spillover into business planning.

    David Lei

    Authentic Influence
    Great companies are not made, they're led. No matter how compelling the business model, inspiring the vision, or brilliant the strategy, nothing happens without the ability to influence action through effective leadership communication. How leaders "show-up" with the people in their organizations can make the difference between success and failure. Learn to communicate authentically an powerfully to constructively get results.

    Kimberly Davis
    When Things Go Wrong: A Values-Based Response to Crisis
    This course will examine emerging trends in crisis management through case study, discussion, and analysis of recent empirical data highlighting the wisdom and efficacy of transparency and values-based responses to error.

    Lee Taft
    Inclusive Leadership: Creating a Human Capital Advantage
    Integrate a Diversity & Inclusion focus into your leadership approach to create a human capital advantage and increased business performance. This session will introduce what inclusive leadership looks like, and how leaders can integrate best practices into their recruiting, team development, retention and employee engagement strategies.

    Beverley Wright
    Leadership That Supports Creativity and Innovation
    Based on the principles of Human Centered Design, participants will explore processes and tools leaders can use to spark creativity and innovation in their teams. We will use a real design challenge to provide a hands-on design thinking experience and to discuss how process and tools spark insights and mitigate vulnerability and fear of failure.

    Jessica Burnham
    Leading Change That Works
    This session explores the trends and research that affect leading a successful change in a rapidly evolving environment and marketplace. Participants will learn the strategies that increase the likelihood for success through case studies, examples and practical application.

    Patti Johnson
    Strategic Thinking/Business Model Canvas
    This session will provide students a basic understanding of tools used for strategic thinking in business, including SWOT, Porter's 5 Forces, Business Growth 2x2, Value/Effort 2x2, Design Thinking, and the Business Model Canvas. These tools will teach students to formally think about what to do, why you should do it, and when you should do it. The session will be very interactive and will conclude with the Leadership Model Canvas.

    Simon Mak

    Powerful Storytelling = Powerful Leadership
    Learn how to ditch the Power Point and kill the slides because the power of your own stories can make you and your business most exceptional. Nothing brings out emotion and passion faster with our audiences than our best stories, told well and for the right reasons. When Dave is done, you’ll be able to use his easy techniques right away.

    Dave Lieber
    The Extreme Leader, VUCA and Fourth Dimension Leadership and Conclusion
    Agility, resilience, and value-driven are terms frequently mentioned as being required for today’s effective leader. But how does one acquire them? More importantly, how does someone install them as a culture in their team, group or organization? This session covers these skills and more in order to be successful in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and often chaotic environment.

    Tim Durkin
  • Who Should Attend?


    • Mid-level managers 
    • Experienced leaders with new responsibilities 
    • Entrepreneurs and business operators

    CPE Hours: 30

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