Minor in Business Courses

Required Courses

SMU students enrolled in the Minor in Business will take five three-credit-hour required courses and one elective.

  • Accounting Concepts (ACCT 2310) introduces students to accounting fundamentals. In addition, students gain an understanding of financial statements, basic capital structure issues and ratio analysis, as well as cost accounting (variable costs, fixed costs, decision-making). Students can substitute ACCT 2301 in place of the Minor in Business accounting course.
  • Finance Concepts (FINA 3310) introduces students to the concept of the time value of money. In addition, students discuss the risk/return relationship and the cost of capital. They also gain a basic understanding of capital budgeting as well as net present value, internal rate of return, and financial decision making.
  • Management Concepts (MNO 3310) introduces students to organizational culture and organization structure. Students discuss individual differences and how these relate to behavior and leadership as well as motivation and its relationship to job design, job satisfaction, and rewards. The course also introduces students to strategy, including industry analysis and competitive advantage.
  • Marketing Concepts (MKTG 3310) introduces students to the basic principles of consumer marketing. The course also includes discussion of the marketing mix and the role of advertising in this mix, marketing strategy and the marketing planning process, and the relationship between marketing and the firm. ADV 3362 can be substituted for the Minor in Business marketing course.
  • Markets and Freedom (FINA 3311) includes discussion of economic indicators and the benefits of globalization. The course also explores how markets work, including the roles that technology, public policy, and economic growth play in a functioning market economy.


SMU students enrolled in the Minor in Business choose one three-credit-hour elective course to compliment their required courses.

  • Business Decisions and Processes (ITOM 3310) focuses on five business processes that operate in most organizations: sales, billing, purchasing, accounts payable, and project management. For each of these processes, students will learn functional areas involved, steps and internal controls, information needs and supporting information technology.
  • Personal Finance (FINA 3312) introduces students to the fundamentals of personal finance, including discussion of budgeting, cash-flow management, credit use, and managing major purchases. The course also covers risk management and insurance as well as the topics of investing, tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.
  • Legal Perspectives and Business Law (BL 3310) covers basic legal issues essential to working with attorneys in a business or personal environment.  Topics include constitutional issues affecting business, litigation management, alternative dispute resolution, civil tort liability, contracts, intellectual property, white-collar crime, real estate acquisitions, business formation and employment law.
  •  Entrepreneurship Concepts (CISB 2388) introduces students to concepts at each stage of the entrepreneurial process, including opportunity identification, evaluation, acquiring resources, launching and managing the new venture and exit strategies.