Risk Management and Insurance

The Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) Program offers a concentration designed to prepare students for roles in corporate risk management and insurance.  The concentration begins with the principles class in which the economics of insurance and insurance markets are discussed along with an introduction to corporate risk management.   The remaining three courses may be taken in any order and topics include how organizations assess, manage and finance risk, employee benefits, and Cox’s management department offering in negotiations.  In our RMI classes taught by the Department of Real Estate, Risk Management an Business Law, oftentimes practice meets theory through a series of interactions with corporate risk managers representing a variety of industry sectors and perspectives, and insurance practitioners.  Undergraduate students are encouraged to combine the RMI concentration with a major in finance, marketing or general business. The following courses make up the RMI Concentration: 

  • Principles of Risk Management & Insurance (RMI 3360)
  • Insurance and Corporate Risk Management (RMI  4360)
  • Employee Benefits (RMI 4340)
  • Negotiations (MNO 3373)