Sample Degree Plan


This is one example of how the accounting major can be sequenced. Those courses noted with "UC" are not actual course titles, but representing a course that fulfills a specific University Curriculum requirement. Those in italics are business subset or major courses. Degree plans are based on the year of entry to SMU, and are subject to change. Current students should work with their academic advisor to create their four year degree plan.

Year Fall Spring
First Year Discernment & Discourse 1312 (or 2305) 
Business Calculus

Science & Engineering (UC)
World Language (UC)
Wellness (UC)

Discernment & Discourse 1313 (or 2306)
Individuals, Institutions & Cultures (UC)
World Language/Language & Literature (UC)
Wellness II (UC)


Sophomore Intro to Financial Accounting
Business Statistics

Historical Contexts I (UC)
Ways of Knowing (UC)
Philosophical & Religious Inquiry and Ethics I (UC)

Intro to Managerial Accounting
Info. Systems for Management

Natural & Applied Science (UC)
Creativity & Aesthetics I (UC)


Intermediate Accounting I
Financial Management
Fundamentals of Marketing
Management of Organizations
(business core and UC)

Intermediate Accounting II
Federal Income Tax
Operations Management

Business Communication & Leader Development 

Senior Entrepreneurship or Strategy
Accounting Systems & Auditing
Cost Accounting

Business Law (business core and UC) 
Accounting Internship
Accounting Electives