Majors and Concentrations

  • Overview

    Your BBA major consists of 11 business core courses and between six and eight major-specific courses. Choose one of the six majors below. You can also add one concentration. Many Cox BBA students supplement their business major with majors or minors outside of the Cox School.

  • Majors

    Accounting Rigorous academics combine with valuable professional connections and internships with the world's top public accounting firms.

    Finance Immersive experiences and specialized skills boost you to the top of your field. (A specialization in Alternative Asset Management is available.)

    General Business Customize your curriculum and explore different disciplines by choosing from a variety of Cox courses when fulfilling your requirements.

    Management Learn the essential skills you'll need to rise in a variety of roles and settings — from project management and decision-making, to negotiations and ethics.

    Marketing Prepare for a career in sales, retail, advertising, marketing research and general marketing management by learning how to understand customer behavior.

    Real Estate Finance Enjoy the resources of Cox's Robert and Margaret Folsom Institute for Real Estate — and make connections in the country's most dynamic real estate city. (This is also available as a concentration.)

  • Concentrations

    Energy Management This concentration complements your major to prepare you for a career in a number of fields. The curriculum reflects the current global energy mix and also reflects the future of renewables.

    Entrepreneurship Learn to be an innovator from faculty with Silicon Valley IPO start-up and international entrepreneurship experience. The training and connections will serve you wherever you're headed.

    Real Estate Finance Concentration courses in real estate fundamentals, finance, law and valuation set you up for a variety of careers.

    Risk Management & Insurance Practice meets theory through a series of interactions with insurance practitioners and corporate risk managers representing a variety of industry sectors and perspectives.