Economic Freedom of the World

EFW 2015Since 1996, the Fraser Institute has published the Economic Freedom of the World (EFW) index.  It measures the degree to which people in a nation are free to pursue their own economic objectives without government taxes and regulations, as well as the extent to which government protects property rights and provides a sound monetary environment.

The O’Neil Center's Director Robert Lawson (and Jerome M. Fullinwider Endowed Centennial Chair in Economic Freedom) is a co-author of the Economic Freedom of the World report, with James Gwartney of Florida State University and Joshua Hall of West Virginia University.

Over the years, this study has found that the nations that score higher on the index tend to be richer and grow faster, and their citizens face less poverty, live longer...  On virtually every measure of the good life, more economic freedom corresponds with better results.  Other research finds economic freedom corresponds with less warfare, greater human rights, more gender equity, less unemployment, improved democracy, more trust, and less corruption. 

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