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About the O'Neil Center

Introduction to the O'Neil Center produced in 2011.

Would You Give Up The Internet for a Million Dollars? 

The number of Internet users worldwide has now surpassed two billion and so many of us have integrated the web into our lives so much that it's hard to quantify how much it's worth to us. But why not give it a shot? Think about it. Source: The Fund for American Studies.

 How Nations Succeed: What's the Secret to Ending Poverty

Find out how one nation rose from poverty to unprecedented wealth in just a few generations in this eye-opening web video from The Fund for American Studies. The video raises the question: Will the United States continue to progress and innovate, or will big government stifle economic growth and innovation? Narrated by economist Michael Cox, the video comes during a time of economic uncertainty and calls on viewers like you to decide which path is best for the country. Source: The Fund for American Studies.

Free Trade

W. Michael Cox discusses trade in goods and services on CSPAN.

The 535 - Comparing Economic Power

Economist Robert Lawson compares the economic power of the 535 most wealthy private citizens with the spending power of the 535 members of Congress. Source: EconFree.

Economic Freedom and Income Equality

Robert Lawson discusses the connection between economic freedom and income inequality and why what we should really be concerned about is income mobility. Source: EconFree.

Decline in Economic Freedom

Robert Lawson discusses the EFW 2011 Annual Report, including the key factors that led to a drop in US economic ranking.

U.S. Economic Freedom Over Time

A graph depicting that the U.S. (chain-linked) economic freedom score made slow and steady progress from 1970 through 2000, followed by a dramatic and precipitous drop from then onward. Source: Mercatus Center.

Economic Freedom of the World | Learn Liberty

Do you prefer the world of Adam Smith or the world of Karl Marx?  Dr. Robert Lawson explores this question through the recounting of unresolved discussions with his college classmates and the findings from his work with the EFW project. Source: Learn Liberty.

Episode One: Economic Freedom & Quality of Life

A short, informative video centered on the ideas of economic freedom and the societal benefits it produces. The video helps explain what economic freedom is and why it's key to improving society. Source: EconFree.

Episode Two: Economic Freedom in America Today

For years the United States has been a world leader in economic freedom. However, runaway government spending and burdensome regulations have caused a decline in economic freedom in the United States. If our economic freedom continues to fall, how will it affect our quality of life? Source: EconFree.