Presentations and Papers

How Texas' Electric Transmission Infrastructure Helps Grow the Texas Economy 
January 2019
Bernard L. Weinstein, Ph.D. and Nicholas J. Saliba, B.S., B.A., B.B.A. 
With the assistance of Lindsay Struthers, B.S.

America's Energy Infrastructure Needs: Opportunities and Obstacles 
December 2017
Bernard L. Weinstein, PhD and Nicholas J. Saliba, B.S., B.A., B.B.A

Renewable Identification Numbers (RINS) Trading under the Renewable Fuels Program: Continued Unintended Consequences for Small Fuel Retailers (Updated Report)
February 2017
Bernard L. Weinstein, PhD

Renewable Identification Numbers (RINS) Trading under the Renewable Fuels Program: Unintended Consequences for Small Retailers
August 2016
Bernard L. Weinstein, PhD

Current State of the Oil Markets- Cox Executive Board
By Bruce Bullock

The Financial Outlook for the Puerto Rico Electricity Power Authority- Challenges and Opportunities
October 2014
Prepared by Bernard L. Weinstein, PhD, Nicholas Saliba, BA, BS, BBA, Oleg Kareev, JD

Testimony before House Small Business Committee on Impact of President Obama's Climate Action Plan on Small Businesses
July 2013
Bernard L. Weinstein, PhD

The Keystone_Gulf Coast Pipeline System- A Catalyst for American Jobs and Energy Security
May 2014
Prepared for Consumer Energy Alliance
By: Bernard L. Weinstein, PhD, Terry L. Clower, PhD, and Nicholas J. Saliba, BBA, BS, BA

North America: An Energy Colossus
March 2014
By Bernard L. Weinstein and Morgan Allen

Pipeline Opportunities Conference
Houston, Texas
March 25, 2014

National Economic Outlook Anemic At Best
By Bruce Bullock

Major Trends & Opportunities in the Energy Sector
By Joseph R. Dancy

Pipeline Opportunities Conference
By Gary Evans

Pipelines and Rail: Partners or Competitors for Moving Crude?
By Bernard L. Weinstein, PhD

Service, Supply and Refining Key Trends Impacting Midstream
By Bruce Bullock

The Energy Logjam Removing Regulatory Obstacles to Fuel the Economy: Vital Statistics on America’s Most Promising Sector
By Bernard L. Weinstein, PhD and Nicholas Saliba

In Wake of YPF Seizure, Is Argentina a Good Investment?
September 2012
By Bernard L. Weinstein, PhD

Presentation to State Department Delegation from North Africa and the Middle East

The Case for Master Limited Partnerships for Renewables
May 2012

  • W. Bruce Bullock
  • Bernard L. Weinstein
  • Ben Johnson

The Outlook for Energy Production in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico: How the Regulatory Risk Premium is Restraining Production
May 2012
By Bernard L. Weinstein, PhD

Social, Economic, and Environmental Impacts of Rapid Energy Development on Local Communities
November 2011
By Bernard L. Weinstein, PhD

Proposed EPA Power-Sector Air Rules: Weakening Economic Recovery and Putting America’s Most Competitive Manufacturing Industries at Risk
September 2011
By Bernard L. Weinstein, PhD

The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of the Drop in Shallow-water Drilling Permits: Impacts on the Gulf Coast and the Nation
September 2010
By Bernard L. Weinstein, PhD

Presentation made to Exxon Mobil Green Team on Petroleum Geology, June 23
by Bo Tye of McGoyler & McNaughton

Presentation for George Mason University

Potential Economic and Fiscal Impacts from Natural Gas Production in Broome County, New York
September 2009
By Bernard L. (Bud) Weinstein, PhD, Associate Director, Maguire Energy Institute, Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX. and Terry L. Clower, PhD Associate Professor of Applied Economics, University of North Texas, Denton, TX

Executive Summary: U.S. Economic Recovery and Cement Industry Regulations: Proposed Portland Cement NESHAP Rule
February 2010
By Bernard L. Weinstein, PhD

Economic Impacts of Cement Industry Regulations: The Proposed Portland Cement NESHAP Rule

February 2010
By Bernard L. Weinstein, PhD

Presentations from the 2008 Frank Pitts Lecture, The Promise and Peril of Alternative Energy, October 14, 2008 SMU Hughes-Trigg Ballroom


  • Gary Evans, chairman and CEO of GreenHunter Energy
  • Renato Bertani, retired vice president of Petrobras and current CEO of Thompson & Knight Global Energy Services 
  • Mike O'Sullivan, senior vice president of FPL Energy