Maguire Energy Institute


The Maguire Energy Institute encourages the study of management, marketing and policy issues related to the energy industry. It sponsors a number of programs that prepare students for careers in the energy industry, provides focused research for direct business application and informs the public through independent, unbiased information.

The Institute conducts seminars, lectures, forums, field trips and other programs designed to explore the many issues surrounding the energy industry. Most recently, the Institute worked with the Finance Department in the Cox School to create the new Energy Finance concentration in the MBA program.

The Institute has a 30-member Advisory Board of prominent energy experts to assist the director and the school in the development of its energy programs. Its programs cover all forms of energy, including traditional oil and gas, nuclear, wind, solar biomass and bio-fuels.

Initial funding for the Maguire Energy Institute was provided by Cary M. Maguire, president of Maguire Oil Company. Maguire plays an important role in support of educations and SMU, serving as trustee emeritus.