Starting a Business


Some things can only be learned from the school of hard knocks… but a lot of business insight can be quickly taught (and mistakes avoided) by learning from other leaders who’ve already been where you want to go.

If you’re an aspiring or early-stage entrepreneur looking to increase your probability of winning, and wanting to avoid losing thousands in early business mistakes, the Starting a Business Certificate Program is for you, the Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship has been teaching entrepreneurs to avoid those mistakes since the Fall of 1971 . Just imagine being able to bypass the months and years of stumbling around trying to figure it out and instead improve your success rate when you choose to take the entrepreneurial leap.

If you have a passion to be doing something more and want the freedom that comes with calling the shots, it’s time to seize your opportunity! SMU’s Starting a Business course is your best next step. 

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Please join us virtually (all 8 classes and 8 practicums this fall will be online)

Next Class starts February 2nd, for eight weeks, ending March 23rd. 

7-10pm Tuesday night lectures
Practicums 7-9pm Thursdays

What You’ll Learn

There are so many things the successful entrepreneur needs to know…

Imagine being able to drastically improve your success rate and business confidence level by simply investing 5 hours per week… over 8 weeks… through 16 modules and 8 practicums. You’ll get more than you bargained for when you learn:

  • Keys to Successful Entrepreneurship
  • How to Protect Your Ideas
  • How to Develop and Launch a Viable Business Concept
  • Accessing Capital
  • How to Prepare a Business Plan
  • Social Media Entrepreneurship
  • Weekly Practicum, Thursdays 7-9 
  • … and so much more


Learn from the Best

Every year a highlight of this course is the strong roster of speakers it attracts. You can certainly learn from trial and error or digest a bunch of books… but you can significantly increase your level of understanding by learning from individuals who have the first hand knowledge.  Each semester a Distinguished Entrepreneur Speaker will share his or her story.   As a Starting a Business alum, you will be invited back to hear their inspiring journey, a number of distinguished entrepreneurs who have lectured in years past, include:

  • Chris and Christine Cook, co-founders, SleepExperts
  • David Litman, co-founder,
  • Sheryl Leach, founder, Barney and Friends
  • Bo Pilgrim, founder, Pilgrim’s Pride
  • Phil Romano, founder, Fuddruckers and Macaroni Grill

It’s Time to Take Action

More than 7,000 others have been through the Starting a Business course. Shouldn’t you be one of them? Not only will you build a solid business foundation and save yourself a lot of costly mistakes, the course offers some other compelling reasons to participate you might not have considered:

  • Be a part of the SMU network
  • Access to SMU instructors and resources
  • Connection with dozens of other like-minded entrepreneurs taking this class with you
  • Inspiration and motivation to be successful in your new venture
  • Possible tax deduction just for taking the course


Seats are limited for the upcoming Starting a Business course and always go quickly.

  • $995 per student
  • Group Discount for 2 or more students: 15% off per student  
  • To receive Group Discount Call 214-768-3689 for promotional code 

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