Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship


  • Increase Cash Flow

    Cash is not profit. Many entrepreneurs and business people don’t understand this so they blindly grow themselves into bankruptcy. Let us show you how to avoid this very common trap.

  • Secure Start-up Financing

    Raising capital from investors is often a mystery, filled with its own unique vocabulary. You will be taught by investors who will show you the process and expectations for venture investments.

  • Prepare A Winning Business Plan

    If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. A business plan is a dynamic document that demonstrates you have thought through the operations of your business and key assumptions. This document is important for the founder, management team, and investors/bankers.

  • Improve Pitching Skills

    You have seven seconds to make a first impression, and 60 seconds to pitch your startup idea. Can you do it? This course will teach you the skill of rapid story-telling.

  • Use Social Media Marketing

    As an entrepreneur, your startup has no money and no brand – where do you start? Social media can be a very cost-effective marketing strategy, if you have an insiders knowledge. You will be taught by a social media expert who will overwhelm you with all the different ways to pursue social media for your startup.

  • Identify Ideas for Startups

    Bad ideas are easy. Good ideas are hard. The #1 reason startups fail is lack of market fit. So entrepreneurs are creating products and services that no one really wants, or at least no one wants to pay for. This course will teach you how to achieve the double WOW of problem-market-fit and product-market-fit.

  • Engage with the Entrepreneurial Community

    Meet Other Entrepreneurial Students
    As part of a student cohort of entrepreneurially minded business professionals, you will get out what you put in. So the opportunity to network and build long-term relationships with potential co-founders and future customers and suppliers is ready for you.

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