Career Management Center

Virtual Recruiting

The Cox Career Management Center (CMC) is committed to supporting our employers and students in an environment in which in-person interviewing may not be feasible. We have a robust suite of tools and processes that enable our team to support your organization’s hiring practices in a virtual setting.

 Our team will partner with you to build a virtual recruiting strategy that utilizes either our technology or yours to facilitate a seamless experience for identifying and retaining top-tier students for internships and / or full-time roles.

Contact to learn about establishing the options below or other customized solutions for your organization
  • Information Sessions

    Live information sessions for 5 – 100+ attendees that offer screen-sharing, full video / audio, text chat, breakout sessions, recording, and attendee tracking.

    The CMC team  can:

    • Set up the virtual room
    • Market the session to students
    • Manage the event: Assign presenters, moderate questions, etc.
    • Track attendance and follow-up with a resume book of attendees
    • Record the session (Optional) and publish for students who could not attend live


  • Networking "Coffee Chats"

    One-on-one or small group sessions that will enable you to interact with students in a personalized setting.

    The CMC team can:

    • Set up the virtual room(s)
    • Market the session to students and drive applications
    • Provide a resume book, enabling you to select which students you would like to meet
    • Create a personalized schedule for your team members, assigning students to time slots


  • Interviews

    Conduct individual or team interviews in structures that are customized to your firm’s processes.

    The CMC team can:

    • Post your job or internship in our online portal, collect student resumes / cover letters, and enable you to select your candidate list
    • Construct a single or multi-room schedule with one or more interviewers per room
    • Set up and manage the virtual room(s)
    • Debrief with your team about student performance and provide guidance on best practices for offers