Career Management Center

Career Management Center

You can start using the vast resources of Cox's dedicated MBA Career Management Center from the moment you enroll. That's the time to start targeting your career goals and mapping a strategic plan, and we're here to help you. From personal branding and coaching, to job search, our mission is to make sure you achieve yours. And the help doesn't end at graduation. After all, the world measures the success of Cox degree by the success of our graduates and alumni.

A career advisor helped guide me in a career switch after graduation. The advice was invaluable, and having an advisor who understands career needs is such a great benefit.

Lauren Harner,

PBMA '16

  • Career Coaching

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  • Career Resources

    Pre-MBA and through your years as an alum, the CMC's robust set of digital and print resources will help make your job search efficient and successful. Among the resources that students find especially helpful:

    CareerLeader — a business career self-assessment tool — is available to you immediately post-enrollment in an Cox MBA program.

    Handshake is an online job board for MBA candidates and alumni. Create a profile so employers can contact you about opportunities. You can also browse through posted jobs and internships and apply directly.

    The MBA Minute, a weekly email, notifies you of upcoming events and on-campus interviews. It also includes a snapshot of the week's job postings.

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  • Treks

    A Cox School trek is more than a field trip. It's an intrepid expedition through the jobs landscape in your industry. Each fall, the CMC organizes city trips for MBA students who are on career trajectories in marketing, energy and finance. As a trekker, you'll spend time at several organizations, getting the inside story from employees on their roles and functions, meeting upper management and learning from Cox alumni who work there how they cut their path post-graduation.

  • Highlight: The Marketing Trek

    Marketing Trek | Seattle

    Daniel Molina (MBA '18) was in his first year at SMU Cox when he set off with a group of students for the Seattle Marketing Trek. (The Trek alternates yearly between the West Coast and New York.) During the trip, they visited several global 500 companies are learned, among other things, the ins and outs of how Boeing markets to businesses and governments, how Starbucks finances new marketing projects and how Amazon aimed to implement plans for an efficient global marketplace with low costs and intricate shipping strategies. "The experience remains one of the highlights of my first semester in the MBA program," Molina says.

  • Events and Networking

    One way the Career Management Center serves students and alumni is by cultivating corporate partnerships with the organizations that recruit MBAs from SMU Cox. Each semester, the CMC hosts a series of events for students to network with employers who are actively searching to hire for internship and full-time opportunities.

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    Other events at the CMC include:

    • Workshops — how to negotiate your salary, for example, and interview prep workshops.
    • Company information sessions
    • Networking events

  • Associate Board Mentoring Program

    Capitalize on our close ties with the movers and shakers in the booming Dallas business community. Through the Associate Board, Cox’s executive board mentoring program, you’ll gain real-world insights and connections in your area of interest. More than 220 executives representing global 500s in every industry — from AT&T to Amazon — serve as one-on-one mentors to SMU Cox students.

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