Writing Advantage

Clear, Accurate Writing Impacts Your  Bottom Line

In today’s competitive business environment, your written communication must make your point with power and clarity. In order to succeed, your organization must empower all team members, especially key employees, to express ideas and critical messages clearly—without leaving anything open to misinterpretation or misunderstanding. Increasing the power of your organization’s written communication will increase productivity, resolve issues, reduce errors, and increase credibility

The Solution:  Writing Advantage - a Franklin Covey workshop

To stay ahead in business, you have to cut through the information clutter and communicate clearly. FranklinCovey’s Writing Advantage workshop teaches how to set quality writing standards that will help you increase productivity, resolve issues, avoid errors, and increase credibility. This workshop teaches how to make your written communication clear and memorable. This skills-based workshop will help your organization set writing standards that will have an impact on business results. The FranklinCovey Writing Advantage workshop is taught as a one-day, facilitator-led program where participants will learn how to:

• Define a document’s purpose, the readers’ needs, and the desired response.

• Define and manage the document’s scope and related writing assignments.

• Apply the principles of organization using the “Four-Box Format.”

• Use writing fundamentals to structure a well-written document.

• Use and apply the FranklinCovey Style Guide.

• Use a collaborative three-stage revision process. This workshop also includes the following tools: 

• An easy-to-use “Document Planner” tool .

Attend this workshop to get the knowledge and tools needed to take your business communication skills to the next level!

Date: Thursday, November 9, 2023
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: HR Training Room, Suite 208 Expressway Tower, East Campus
Facilitator: Mary Stall, HR-Organizational Effectiveness






Enroll Now:  my.SMU>Employee Self Service>Learning and Development>Request Training Enrollment.  Use course code "HRWA".

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