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Presentation practice makes perfect!

The Business Library offers several ways for you to ensure that you are ready to present in a professional manner.

  • The Group Presentation Room (150 K) is equipped just like the Cox classrooms. You can use the same podium controls and see your slides on a large screen. Reserve your timeslot online up to seven days in advance. The GPR is extremely popular at the end of the semester, so please be respectful of the time limits to allow as many as possible to benefit from using this room.
  • The Multimedia Studio (150 M) is the next best thing to the GPR. While it doesn’t have the podium controls, you can check out a mini-projector (see below) and view your slides on a large screen. It also has the benefits of being a soundproof room and containing a computer capable of doing multimedia editing. The MMS can be reserved online up to seven days in advance.
  • If those rooms are booked, use your SMU ID to check out one of five mini-projectors from the Service Desk and turn any study room (or wall) into a presentation space. Simply connect the projector to your laptop. The box includes an extension cord and 1-hour rechargeable battery. The projector is due back before the Business Library closes.

If you need assistance with using any of these Business Library offerings, contact a staff member.

New Library Database: IBISWorld

We would like to announce that a new campus-wide library database is available: IBISWorld.

IBISWorld produces and publishes online Industry Intelligence covering 98% of the US economy at the level where companies operate. The US NAICS Industry Reports contain trends, statistics and analysis on market size, market share of competitors and industry growth rates. For reports published after 2016, the Key Statistics section includes RMA industry ratios. The US Specialized Industry Reports fall outside of the standard 5-digit level of the NAICS and cover a variety of niche industries. Watch a brief training on how to use IBISWorld.

You can find IBISWorld on the Business Library's business databases page.

The Business Library has…

  • stands to elevate computer monitors (Request at the back service desk)
  • ear-plugs for times when more focused studying is necessary (Ask at either service desk)
  • PC mice if yours runs away (Check out with SMU ID from back service desk)