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Top Tips for Library Search

Library Search is used to find many of the physical and online resources available from SMU Libraries. The Library Search box on the Business Library webpage ( defaults to searching “everything” that is included. Then you can refine your search using the left side bar.

  • To change the date field, you can type over the existing dates. You must click Refine for the change to occur.

  • You can lock your changes so they persist even when you change your search terms. Hover over the Active Filter and click the lock icon on the left.

To learn more about how Library Search can make researching easier, attend the hands-on Moving Beyond Google for Business Research workshop. You may also choose to Ask a Business Librarian.

Library Study Room Reservation Etiquette

  • Please be considerate of others needs and only book the study room if you know you will be utilizing it, leaving other times available for your fellow students.
  • If you have reserved a study room and then decide not to use it or leave at least 30 minutes prior to your ending time, please cancel your reservation ASAP. Even if it is past the start time, cancelling will open it up for others to see. You are considered a “no show” if the room is not occupied within 15 minutes after the start time.
  • If you want to use an empty room that shows as booked online and ensure that you can have it without conflict, check with a Business Library staff member who can cancel a “no show” reservation, opening up that time for you to reserve the room.
  • In addition, please remember to keep the room neat by straightening and picking up after your group has finished using the room.

New library database: Uniworld Online

A new campus-wide library database is available: Uniworld Online.

Uniworld Online is an online, searchable database of the previously published print directories, American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries and Foreign Firms Operating in the United States. In 2015, these directories merged into Uniworld Online, which covers multinational companies with headquarters in over 200 Countries and 20,000 industries.