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Thunderbolt Laptop Chargers

If you have a laptop equipped with a Thunderbolt port, then you can check out a Universal Thunderbolt Laptop Charger from the Business Library service desk. Use your SMU ID to check it out and then return it before the Business Library closes that day. The Business Library also has phone and tablet chargers, mini projectors, PC mice, dry erase markers, and headphones.

If you need assistance with using any of these Business Library offerings, contact a staff member.

Try Factiva Expert Search

Factiva provides access to many international newspapers and business publications. As with all databases, you can create your own search using keywords and limiters such as dates. Additionally, Factiva has created searches for popular topics that make use of variations and limits so all you have to do is select the topic.

Factiva is available from the Business Databases page. From the Factiva search page, select the blue triangle next to Factiva Expert Search below the search box. Categories include Competitive Intelligence with searches for Cryptocurrencies and IPOs, for example, and Trending Topics that cover world news such as Brexit and U.S. China Trade Dispute. When you click the i-in-a-circle icon, you will see the complexity of the search that is being run. It may also suggest ways you can focus the results, such as adding a company name to the search.

You can either use the search as is, or use these searches as examples to help improve your own search creations.

If you aren’t getting the results you need, Ask a Business Librarian for assistance.

Cox Profs and Economic Freedom Indices

Professor Robert A. Lawson is one of the authors of the Economic Freedom of the World annual report produced by the Fraser Institute. You can read the latest report, which is based on 2016 data for 162 countries. The index is available from the International Business Research Guide under the Economics tab. You can see rankings for countries as well as U.S. states.

Associate Professor Dean Stansel has produced the U.S. Metropolitan Area Economic Freedom Index, modeled on the Fraser Institute index. As the name indicates, this index compares smaller units than states and countries. Read more about this index. The Reason Foundation has published the index which primarily utilizes 2012 Census data.

If you want assistance with finding economic data, Ask a Business Librarian.