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World Changers Shaped Here

SMU: World Changers Shaped Here.

About the World Changers Campaign


As we turn the page on our first hundred years, a new era is beginning at SMU.

And we believe that this moment is the perfect time to communicate with our community, alumni and future students in a new way. Starting today, we are introducing an exciting articulation that clearly defines who SMU is and what we are committed to achieve.

Research told us that people are looking for a place to prepare students for real world success. We all know SMU delivers that. And now we will tell that story in a new way.

It revolves around 4 simple but powerful words. World Changers Shaped Here.

“World Changers”
Our students, faculty and alumni want to have a real impact on their world.

We don’t build World Changers like an assembly line. We offer the opportunity to mold and shape them through teaching, research and the distinctive SMU experience.

We have an impact all over the globe, but it starts through the SMU experience, on our campus in Dallas, on our campuses in Plano and Taos, New Mexico. And through our programs around the world.

To bring these words to life, we will tell the stories of the world-changing things that happen at SMU.

The first hundred years of SMU have been world-changing. We can’t wait to see what the next hundred bring.

R. Gerald Turner