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SMU reveals star-studded lineup for 2015-16 Tate Lecture Series - (6/1/2015)

Silicon Valley star offers his view of the world - (10/25/2014)

Fracking as technological game changer? Venture capitalist Peter Thiel says not so fast. - (10/23/2014)

Celebrities sign up for SMU’s Tate lecture series - (7/15/2014)

2014-2015 Tate Lectures to feature former secretaries of state, broadcasters and Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer - (7/15/2014)

Russian Garry Kasparov recently spoke at SMU’s Tate Series - (3/19/2014)

Sir Ken Robinson Inspires ESD Students and Teachers to ‘Create an Open Mind’ - (11/21/2013)

Renowned author Robert Caro reflects on 50th Anniversary of JFK Assasination - (10/28/2013)

Q&A: Robert Caro on viewing Kennedy through LBJ’s eyes - (10/25/2013)

Authoritative and unedited Robert Gates impressive at SMU’s Tate Lecture Series - (9/19/2013)

Gates, Panetta question Obama's Syria strategy - (9/18/2013)

Former Defense Secretaries Criticize Obama on Syria - (9/18/2013)

At SMU, Gates, Panetta discuss repercussions of military action in Syria - (9/17/2013)

SMU Hosts Two Former U.S. Defense Secretaries, CIA Directors, in Tate Lecture Season Opener - (9/13/2013)

Former Defense Secretaries, NPR Luminaries, and Authors to Headline Series - (7/22/2013)

From Authors to Chess Players, SMU’s Tate Lecturers Entertain and Enlighten - (7/20/2013)

Ebby Halliday Companies Commit to 4-year Sponsorship of Willis M. Tate Distinguished Lecture Series at SMU - (5/19/2013)

Author Robert Caro, Discussing ‘JFK 50 Years Later,’ is Among the Headliners in the New Season of the Tate Lecture Series at SMU - (5/15/2013)

Uribe Highlight of Tate Lecture Series - No Drugs Needed - (5/9/2013)

SMU’s Tate Lecture Series Presents Master Storyteller M.K. Asante - (2/26/2013)

SMU’s Tate Lecture Series Presents Historians Michael Beschloss and Douglas Brinkley - (2/5/2013)

SMU’s Tate Lecture Series Presents Public Health Leader Sanjay Gupta - (11/27/2012)

SMU's Tate Series Features Visionary Game Designer Jane McGonigal - (11/13/2012)

SMU's Tate Series Presents Media Personality Regis Philbin - (10/9/2012)

Lecture Schedule

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All lectures begin at 8 p.m. in McFarlin Auditorium. Box office opens at 7 p.m.

September 26, 2017

Richard Haass and Fareed Zakaria with David Gergen

October 24, 2017

Amanda Lindhout

November 28, 2017

Sarah Parcak

January 30, 2018

Ian Bremmer

February 27, 2018

Darren Walker with Walter Isaacson

March 20, 2018

David Petraeus

April 10, 2018

Shawn Achor

May 1, 2018

Jeff Bridges