2020-21 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


When can I renew my season tickets?

From July 27 – August 17 you will be able to renew your season tickets. You will receive an email with instructions to link your account in our new ticketing system and renew your season subscription. If you need assistance, please call our office at 214-768-8283.

Will there be lectures held on campus in McFarlin Auditorium?

We are hopeful to be able to accommodate a limited number of patrons per lecture. We will be making decisions about the possibility of in-person attendance on a lecture-by-lecture basis. We will keep you apprised of all changes, seating availability, and health and safety measures prior to each lecture as we expect the guidelines to continue to shift and evolve throughout the season.

What safety measures are being taken for lectures?

As SMU and the Tate Lecture Series team plan for the season, we are following all CDC recommendations as well as guidelines from local authorities. These will continue to evolve throughout the season, and we will adjust on a lecture-by-lecture basis. To know the latest guidelines from our local authorities and what SMU is doing, you can visit https://www.dallascounty.org/covid-19/ and https://blog.smu.edu/coronavirus-covid-19/. We will keep you informed throughout the season as to what protections will be for each lecture.

What are my options if I don’t want to come to campus for lectures right now?

For every lecture this season, we will have an option for you to watch online from your home the night of and the week following the event.

If I attend in person, will I get to sit in my assigned seats?

Due to social distancing guidelines and other safety precautions, the capacity in McFarlin Auditorium is extremely limited and, therefore, your current seating location or your attendance to every lecture may not be possible.

What happens to my assigned seats for next season?

When you renew your 2020-21 season tickets you will maintain your hold on your current seats for our 2021-22 season and return to them next fall, assuming full capacity in McFarlin Auditorium.

What happened to the two lectures that were postponed last season?

Those lectures have been rescheduled. The Jones Day Lecture featuring David Axelrod and Karl Rove will be Friday, October 9, 2020. The Gaedeke Group Lecture featuring Zanny Minton Beddoes will be Tuesday, March 16, 2021. There will be an online viewing option available the night of and the week following the lecture. If you cannot attend in person, you will be able to donate your tickets back to the university and receive a tax credit as a charitable contribution.

If I decide to not renew for the season because of limited in-person attendance, can I hold my seats for next year?

The only way to maintain your current seating location for next season, assuming we return to full capacity, is to renew your season tickets in full. There will be an online viewing option available the night of and the week following the lecture. If you choose not to attend in-person, you will be able to donate your tickets back to the university and receive a tax credit for your donation. Those who do not renew this season may be placed on the waiting list at the time and date they place their request.

Will I be able to upgrade my seats this season?

Due to this season’s limited seating capacity, we will not be upgrading seats until the 2021-22 season, assuming we return to full capacity.

Will I still be able to make an additional donation to the President’s Scholars program?

Yes. At the time you renew your tickets, you will have the option to add a donation to the program. In a year like this one, these scholarships are even more important than ever. We appreciate your generosity.

Can I donate my tickets back for a tax credit?

SMU is unable to provide a receipt for a donation for lectures that are online only. With the lecture being virtual, we are able to provide students who are interested the opportunity to watch the lecture. Normally, we rely heavily on the ticket donations to allow SMU students to attend the lecture.

Have more questions?

Our team is available to answer questions, Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. You can contact us via email at tateseries@smu.edu or by calling 214-768-8283.