SMU and Taos

SMU in Taos Gear

Since 1973, Fort Burgwin has been an educational center of Southern Methodist University. Its beautiful setting in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains--surrounded by the Carson National Forest --provides a unique backdrop for the enrichment of body, mind and spirit.

Our campus specializes in offering courses that are enhanced by the bountiful cultural and natural resources of Northern New Mexico. Courses in anthropology explore local Native American cultures and the archaeology of the Southwest, focusing on the continuing excavation and examination of Pot Creek Pueblo and historic Fort Burgwin. Native flora, fauna and ecology, as well as global environmental issues, are the scope and focus of each biology course taught at Fort Burgwin. Geologically, the region provides a diverse landscape, allowing for the investigation of a variety of formations. The crisp, clear mountain skies allow astronomy students to view the Milky Way and a vast array of celestial phenomena. Business students are able to complete Cox subset, core and elective courses in a hands-on and supportive setting.  Students studying engineering are able to utilize the campus as their laboratory.  Courses in music, painting, sculpture, theatre, and dance, as well as professional and educational retreats, benefit from the natural surroundings - - far removed from the distractions of the city. Additionally, the campus offers a variety of wellness activities, including hiking, biking, river rafting, rock climbing, horseback riding and fly-fishing.

Fort Burgwin is a respectful neighbor in historic northern New Mexico. Tuesday evenings, free public lectures are given on campus. Followed by a reception, the lectures focus on current topics of research applicable to both the courses of study underway and the southwestern orientation of our academics. Student art is exhibited throughout the summer. A popular concert series occurs each summer, with additional concerts presented by music students and faculty. Dance and theatre, when in residence, give performances. All events are advertised locally and are free to the Taos community.

Fort Burgwin is an advocate for the care of the earth and its resources. Students have the opportunity to learn more about the environment and develop a respect for nature as they study the natural history of the area, the fossil record, the plant life, or the rugged but surprisingly fragile landscape. Sometimes this leads to preserving what is important from the past, as in the excavations at Pot Creek and their cooperative preservation of artifacts with local pueblos. At other times such advocacy can lead to exploration of new and innovative ways to handle old problems.

The SMU-in-Taos experience offers a range of courses and opportunities.  To best prepare for your time in Taos, make sure that you bring the necessary equipment for your exciting stay here in the mountains of New Mexico.

The Fort Burgwin campus is an important educational facet of Southern Methodist University. Its unique environment, courses, and research opportunities contribute to its popularity and enduring success. We invite you to learn more about our community. Should you find yourself in our neighborhood, please join us for a lecture or concert and discover SMU-IN-TAOS.