June Term 2012
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Students may take six or more hours during this term.
Arrival: Thursday, May 31, 2012, 4-6 pm
Departure: Friday, June 29, 2012
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ANTH 5681/5981
Archeology Field School
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About Taos Collaborative Archaeology Program (TCAP)
Adventures with TCAP

Archaeology field school participants will learn excavation techniques, laboratory analysis of recovered materials, research design, interpretation techniques and summary methods.
Field trips. 6 or 9 credit hours.

Special Arrival and Departure information for this class:
Arrival: Thursday, May 31, 2012, 4-6 pm
Departure: Friday, July 13, 2012

Tuition 6 hours: $4680
Tuition 9 hours: $7020
Course Fee: $150 only
Meal plan: $1260
Course fulfills:
  • GEC Science Group B requirement by petition

Sunday Eiselt
Directed Studies and Studio Workshop: Building and Imaging the Landscape
An intense experience in sculpture, drawing and printmaking, emphasizing the physical forms and resources of Northern New Mexico. Additional hours by arrangement.

Jay Sullivan, Philip Van Keuren
Class Syllabus
ASPH 1300
Basics of Photography
Lectures, field trips, assignments and critiques designed to take advantage of the Taos landscape, light and culture. A thorough introduction to digital cameras; either "DSLR" or point and shoot models. Field trips. 3 credit hours; additional hours by arrangement. Meets requirement for GEC Arts Perspective.

Course fulfills:
  • GEC Perspectives course in “Arts”
  • Satisfies the GEC “Arts” requirement
  • Minor in Art “Introductory Art” requirement
  • Minor in Photography course requirement
  • Minor in Fashion Media “Visual Media Skills” requirement
  • Pre-requisite for upper level photography courses

Debora Hunter
Class Syllabus
ASPH 3306,4306,5306
Photography in Taos
Intermediate and advanced photography course designed to allow students to develop a photographic portfolio; work in either black and white darkroom or digital lab. Field trips. 3 credit hours; additional hours by arrangement.

Debora Hunter
Class Syllabus
BA 4111, 4112, 4113
MKTG 5150
Cox School of Business Internship
Cox School Marketing Internship
The Cox School of Business and SMU-in-Taos are pleased to offer the Cox BBA internship. Requirements for the four-week internship include enrollment for one-hour internship credit, routine journaling, a final paper summarizing the experience and other requirements to be designated by the instructor, the employer and the Taos program. The internship may be paid or unpaid depending on employer resources. Participants will reside at the SMU-in-Taos campus at Fort Burgwin and should take an additional three-hour Cox Core course, MNO 4371, Leadership and Culture.

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 4 credit hours.

This internship is offered as a free elective. The MNO satisfies 3 required business credit hours.

Barbara Kincaid
Class Syllabus
BIOL 1310
Aquatic Biology
An introduction to the biology of lakes and streams of the Southern Rocky Mountains. Lectures and labs will be conducted at SMU-in-Taos, New Mexico.

Course fulfills:
  • GEC “Science Group A” requirement

Peter Phillips
BIOL 5359/5358/3343 & 3347
Advanced Biology Research Courses
Analysis of host-parasite relations from an evolutionary and ecological viewpoint. Lectures and laboratories conducted at Fort Burgwin, New Mexico. Prerequisite: BIOL 3354.

John Ubelaker
COMM 3385/4325
Nonprofit Writing and Internship
This course offers students opportunities to develop and apply business and professional communication skills in a not-for-profit environment. In addition to class lectures, each student works with an organization to develop a comprehensive communication plan with additional materials that will be combined into a portfolio; work will be summarized in an oral presentation at the end of the term. 6 hours must be taken concurrently.

Nina Flournoy
Class Syllabus
CFA 3346
The Taos Experience (Richter Research Course)
SMU’s Honors Program will provide at least 5 Richter Research Scholarships for Honors students who have completed one full year at SMU. Students will take the research course in conjunction with another 3-hour academic course of their choosing in the June term at Taos. Interested students should visit with Dr. David Doyle or stop by the SMU-in-Taos office (338 Blanton) for costs and additional information. Deadline for application is February 17, 2012

Course fulfills:
  • Cultural Formations course option

John Mears
CFB 3381/MNO 4371
Leadership and Culture
This course is designed to enhance students’ effectiveness and success as a leader. Important theories of motivation, leadership, interpersonal relationships, teamwork, and organizational culture are studied and applied to making leadership decisions.
For all Cox School of Business majors:
MNO 3370.
For non-Cox majors:
Two courses in psychology or sociology, or permission of the professor.

Course fulfills:
  • Core requirement for Management Major
  • Cultural Formations course option
  • Human Right Minor course option
  • Elective option for all Cox majors

Don Vandewalle
Class Syllabus
ECO 1311
Principles of Microeconomics
Enables a concerned citizen to make an intelligent appraisal of current controversies relating to consumers and producers. Explains tools of economic analysis. No prerequisites.

Course fulfills:
  • GEC “Politics and Economics” requirement
  • Requirement for Business Majors
  • Core requirement for Economics Majors and Minors
  • Pre-requisite for upper level ECO classes

Carol Dickson-Carr
Class Syllabus
ENGL 2311
Analysis, interpretation and appreciation of poetry, with attention to terms and issues relevant to the genre.

Course fulfills
  • GEC “Literature” requirement
  • B.A. in English “Fundamentals” requirement for and minor in English
  • Elective option for Advertising minors

Timothy Rosendale
Class Syllabus
HIST 3309/CFB 3309
North American Environmental History
Surveys North American environmental history since pre-Columbian times. It expands the customary framework of historical inquiry by focusing on the interaction of human beings and the natural world.

Course fulfills:
  • Cultural Formations course option
  • Required core course B.A. in Environmental Studies

Andrew R. Graybill
Class Syllabus
STAT 2301
Statistics for Modern Business Solutions
A foundation in data analysis and probability models is followed by elementary applications of confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and contingency tables. Prerequisite: GEC Math Fundamentals or equivalent.

Course fulfills:
  • Business Subset Requirement

Jing Cao
Class Syllabus
WELL 1101
Choices I for Juniors & Seniors
This course is primarily designed for students who have completed their first year. The class focuses on issues of attitude, change, adaptation to change, personal responsibility and happiness. In general, the course content increases awareness of the relationship between our thoughts and lifestyle choices and how they relate to health, fitness and effectiveness as well as an improve sense of meaning, purpose and well-being. Satisfies GEC Wellness Choices I requirement. Must be taken with another July term course.

Course fulfills:
  • GEC Wellness Choices I requirement

Anne Weil
WELL 2131
Mountain Sports
This is a special Mountain Sports/Group Fitness class in which students will choose from a variety of mountain sports and other fitness activities. The course is specially designed to meets the needs of students attending June term in Taos. Activities include strength training, pilates, hiking, jogging, horse-back riding, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and rock climbing. Satisfies Wellness Choices II.

Course fulfills:
  • Wellness Choices II requirement

Anne Weil