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"Few places, just by nature of where they are and how they are arranged, give such an immediate sense of retreat and restoration.  SMU-in-Taos is the perfect place to ponder, recharge and explore."

-- J. Suzanne Frank, Program Director, The Writier’s Path at SMU


"SMU-in-Taos was even better than the perfect place for us to hold our weekend symposium workshop.  The staff treated us with exceptional kindness and the setting and the facilities positively delighted our guests from academic institutions from around the country and abroad.  We plan to make this a Clements Center annual event."

-- Andrew R. Graybill, Director, Clements Center for Southwest Studies at SMU


"Since 2007, our Hockaday School middle school students and their teachers have spent five days at SMU-in-Taos each year.  The beautifully maintained campus, the attentive staff, the historic setting, the excitement and professional excellence of SMU’s professors and the culturally diverse array of learning and outdoor activity opportunities in northern New Mexico combine to make SMU-in-Taos the perfect setting for the kind of experience we strive to provide for our students."

-- Linda Kramer, Head of Middle School, The Hockaday School in Dallas, TX


"I have been bringing my 8th grade students (approximately 50 students and 15 adults) from Christ the King Catholic School to Fort Burgwin for the past 15 years.  Our annual four day visit to Fort Burgwin is the highlight of our school year.  My students are able to experience the culture, history, geography, archaeology, and art of the America Southwest while basing out of historic Fort Burgwin.  The accommodations at Fort Burgwin are extremely comfortable and perfect for my students.  We are able to take day trips from Fort Burgwin and come back to the Fort at night to experience the New Mexico night sky with our telescope viewing, Indian dancers, s'mores and much more!  The staff at Fort Burgwin is extremely enthusiastic and accommodating to our every want and need - whether it be special diet requirements, extra blankets at night, or special technology needs.  They are willing to help in any way!   We keep coming back to Fort Burgwin because they are able to offer an experience to our students they couldn't get anywhere else!"

-- Kasey Dow, Christ the King School, Dallas TX


"I’ve always disliked fishing. So when I went fly fishing [with my Wellness class in Taos], I found myself pleasantly surprised. I loved it! It felt like a dream to spend an entire day fishing on the beautiful New Mexico mountainside."

-- Monica, SMU Hunt Leadership ScholarUnknotting the Line: A testimony to patience

"This month has been an amazing experience.  I came here knowing very little about nonprofit organizations – of which Taos has more than 200.  During my time in Taos, I have learned so much about the 501 c(3) filing process and the demands of running a not-for-profit organization.  Now I’m seriously considering pursuing future work in the nonprofit sector."

-- Peter, SMU Political Science Major, Working on Taos Radio