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Are you a member of the SMU community? If so, you can rent one of our library books or DVDs. Check out our full collection of books below. We also accept donations of books related to Women, Gender, or the LGBT community. 



13th Moon Women of Color
25 Secret Poems Women of Color
9 to 5 Guide to combating Sexual Harassment Violence
A Boy named Phyllis: A suburban memoir Transgender
A Brief History of SMU History
A Choice of Heroes Men
A Feminist Dictionary Feminism
A Fine Od Two Hundred Francs Literature/Fiction
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Equality Gender Differences
A Grave Talent Lesbian
A Guide to the Women's Museum History
A Man and Two Women Literature/Fiction
A Natural History of Rape Violence
A Place at the Table LGBT Non-Fiction
A Queer Reader: 2500 Years of Male Homosexuality LGBT Fiction
A Question of Choice Literature/Fiction
A Rap on Race Women of Color
A Streetcar Named Desire Literature/Fiction
A Thousand Acres Literature/Fiction
A Voice of Her Own Self-Help
A Weave of Women Literature/Fiction
A Welfare Mother Literature/Fiction
A Woman Like You Self-Help
A Woman's Place Politics
A Woman's Place 1910-1975 History
A Woman's View Women in Society
A Women Residence Biography
About Women Literature/Fiction
Acting Gay: Male Homosexuality in Modern Drama LGBT Non-Fiction
Adam's Rib Feminism
After the second Sex Feminism
Against Our Will Violence
Against Rape Violence
All American Women Women in Society
All Work and No Pay Work/Economics
American Dreams Literature/Fiction
American Heroines Politics
American Women Work/Economics
American Women in the 1930s: Holding their Own History
American Women in the 1940s: To Home Front and Beyond History
American Women in the 1950s: Mothers and More History
American Women in the 20th Century History
American Women: The Changing Image Women in Society
Among Women Literature/Fiction
An American Family LGBT Non-Fiction
Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope Biography
And the Band Played On LGBT Non-Fiction
Annociade Literature/Fiction
Apron Chronicles Biography
Are You there Alone?: Andrea Yates Biography
As Nature Made Him Transgender
As We Are Now Literature/Fiction
At Odds Women in Society
At the Roof of his Congregation Faith
Bachelor Girl History
Backlash: The undeclared War Against American Women Feminism
Battle Scars Lesbian
Batwoman: Elegy (The Deluxe Edition) Literature/Fiction
Believing Women in Islam Faith                                            
Best Lesbian Romance Lesbian
Between Friends LGBT Fiction
Between Ourselves: Letters between Mothers and daughters Women in Society
Between Two Worlds Women in Society
Beyond Choice Feminism
Beyond Domination: New Perspectives on Women Phil. Feminism
Beyond the Natural body Sexuality
Black Macho Women of Color
Black Texas Women Women of Color
Black Women in White America Women of Color
Blood Rites Women in Society
Body Blows, Six Performances LGBT Fiction
Body Guards Gender Differences
Born Female Feminism
Born For Liberty History
Bridging Differences Gender Differences
Call Me Women Women of Color
Calling the Dead Mystery
Catching a Wave Feminism
Century of Struggle History
Changing of the Guard Work/Economics
Changing Women in a Changing Society Feminism
Cleaving: A Story of Marriage, Meat, and Obsession  Literature/Fiction
Clout--Womanpower and Politics Politics
Collection of Stories of Djuna Barnes Literature/Fiction
Come Along With Me Literature/Fiction
Coming out: An act of love Allies
Common Bonds Literature/Fiction
Common Differences Women of Color
Conferences are Murder Mystery/Lesbian
Conspiracy of Silence Violence
Contemporary Feminist Thought Feminism
Conundrum Transgender
Counselors Politics
Dare Truth or Promise Lesbian
Daughters and Rebel Literature/Fiction
Daughters of Copper Women Literature/Fiction
Daughters of Dallas Biography
Demystifying Homosexuality LGBT Non-Fiction
Diaries of Women Biography
Divided Sisters Women of Color
Djuna Biography
Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony  Biography
Eminent Victorian Women Biography
Essays on Sex Equality Gender Differences
Excellent Women Literature/Fiction
Facilitating the Development Of Women Body Image
Facing Fears Self-Help
Fags, Hags, and Queer Sisters LGBT Non-Fiction
Faith and Feminism Faith                                            
Fantastic Womanhood Activism
Fasting Girls: The History of Anorexia Nervosa Body Image
Fat is a Feminist Issue Body Image
Fathers: Reflections by Daughters Men
Fear of a Queer Planet LGBT Non-Fiction
Female Chauvinist Pigs Literature/Fiction
Female of the Species Gender Differences
Femininities, Masculinities, Sexualities Gender Differences
Femininity Women in Society
Feminism and Psychoanalytic Theory Feminism
Feminism Art: A Study of Virginia Woolf Feminism
Feminism is for Everybody Feminism
Feminism is for Everybody Feminism
Feminism: The Essential Historical/Highlights Feminism
Feminist Fetale Feminism
Feminist frame Works Feminism
Feminist Theory: A Reader Feminism
Fever Sexuality
Few are Chosen Politics
Fire with Fire: The New Female Power & how to use it Feminism
First of All History
Flux Work/Economics
For Crying Out Loud: Women's Poverty Work/Economics
For Her Own Good Self-Help
For Men Against Sexism Men
For Yourself the Fulliment of Female Sexuality Self-Help
Four Traditions History
Fraternity Gang Rape Violence
Free Your Mind Allies
From Ballots to Breadlines History
From Housewife to Heretic Feminism
From Parlor to Prison History
Full Frontal Feminism Feministm
Gather Together in My Name Literature/Fiction
Gay America LGBT Fiction
Gay and Lesbian Literary Heritage LGBT Fiction
Gay and Lesbian Online LGBT Non-Fiction
Gay and Lesbian Stats LGBT Non-Fiction
Gay Men and Women Who Enriched the World LGBT Non-Fiction
Gay Mustangs SMU 
Gay Speak LGBT Non-Fiction
Gay Talk LGBT Non-Fiction
Gay, Straight, and In-Between LGBT Non-Fiction
Gays Justice LGBT Non-Fiction
Gender and Social Movements Activism
Gender Families and Close Relationships  Women in Society
Gender Outlaw Transgender
Gender Segregation at Work Work/Economics
Gender, Genre, and Narrative Pleaure Literature/Fiction
Generations of Women: In their own words Biography
Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World (2nd Edition) Bisexual
Getting Unstuck Self-Help
Gift from the Sea Literature/Fiction
Girl, Get your Credit Straight! Work/Economics
Girl, Get your Money Straight! Work/Economics
Girl, Make your Money Grow! Work/Economics
Girlfriends: Enduring Ties Women in Society
Girls gone mild Sexuality
Goddesses in Every Women Women in Society
Going Out of Our Minds Feminism
Golden Men: The Power of Gay Midlife  LGBT Non-Fiction
Grassroots: A Field Guide Activism
Gravitation V.I LGBT Fiction
Gyn/Ecology Feminism
Happy Hours Self-Help
Hard Choices Work/Economics
Heartlands: A Gay Man's Odyssey Across America LGBT Fiction
Her Work Literature/Fiction
Herland, A Lost Feminist Utopian Novel Literature/Fiction
He's a stud, She's a Slut Gender Differences
Heterosexuality Sexuality
Historical, Literary, and Erotic Aspects of Lesbianism Lesbian
History of Women Suffrage Vol 1 History
History of Women Suffrage Vol 2 History
History of Women Suffrage Vol 3 History
History of Women Suffrage Vol 4 History
History of Women Suffrage Vol 5 History
History of Women Suffrage Vol 6 History
Homosexual Verse LGBT Fiction
Homosexuality: Power and Politics LGBT Non-Fiction
Hotel Liaison Lesbian
How do I Look: Queer Film and Video LGBT Non-Fiction
How Schools Shortchange Girls Gender Differences
How to make the World better for Woman in 5 minutes per day Self-Help
Hunter's Pursuit Action/Lesbian
I am Beautiful Body Image
I am Charlotte Simmons Literature/Fiction
I Know Just what you Mean Women in Society
I Know why the Cage Bird Sings Literature/Fiction
I Know You Really Love Me Violence
I Never Call It Rape Violence
I Never Told Anyone Violence
If She is Raped Violence
I'm Dancing as Fast as I can Literature/Fiction
I'm OK- You're OK Self-Help
Images of Women in American Popular Culture Women in Society
Images of Women in Literature Literature/Fiction
Impact ERA: Limitations & Possiblities Activism
In A Different Voice Women in Society
In Search of our Mother's Gardens Literature/Fiction
Insecure At Last Self-Help
Inspiration for LGBT Students and their Allies Allies
Inventing Herself History
Inventing Ourselves: Leasbian Life Stories Lesbian
Invisible Girls Violence
Is Harvey Dunne? LGBT Fiction
It's not Mean if it's True LGBT Fiction
Jailed for Freedom Activism
Jane Eyre Literature/Fiction
Jazz Literature/Fiction
Journal about Women in Higher Education Work/Economics
Journey of Remembrance History
Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously Literature/Fiction
Justice Denied Biography
Kate Question's Days Literature/Fiction
Kathe Kolwitz Biography
La Chicana Biography
Ladscape for a Good Woman Fiction
Last Poems of Elinor Wylie Literature/Fiction
Lavender Mansions LGBT Fiction
Legal Drug V. II LGBT Fiction
Legal Drug V.I LGBT Fiction
Legal Drug V.III LGBT Fiction
Lesbian Nation: The Feminist Solution Lesbian
Lesbian Passion Lesbian
Let Me Tell You What I've Learned Biography
Letters of a Woman Homesteader Biography
Liberating Feminism Feminism
Life on the line Biography
Life so Far Biography
Lifting a ton of Feathers Self-Help
Lighting the Way History
Listen Up. Voices from the Next Female Generation Feminism
Literature by Women Literature/Fiction
Living, Loving, and Learning Self-Help
Look Both Ways: Bisexual Politics Bisexual
Loving Someone Gay LGBT Fiction
Ma, Can I be a Feminist and still like Men? Feminism
Making Things Perfectly Queer: Interpreting Mass Culture LGBT Non-Fiction
Male and Female Gender Differences
Male/Female Roles Gender Differences
Man and Women Boy and Girl Gender Differences
Man enough: fathers, sons and the search for masculinity  Men
Man Made: A Memoir of my body Men
Managing Martians Biography
Manifesta Activism
Mankiller, A Chief and her People Biography
Marcella Literature/Fiction
Marie Biography
Mary Wollstonecraft Biography
Masked Culture Literature/Fiction
Maurice LGBT Fiction
Meeting at the Crossroads Body Image
Megatrends for Women Women in Society
Men and Angels Literature/Fiction
Men and Women of the Corporation Work/Economics
Men in Feminism Men
Men on Rape Violence
Men Possesing Women Feminism
Men Together Men
Men Who Beat the Men who Love Them Domestic Violence
Men's Lives Men
Meridian 5 Women of Color
Mothering   Women in Society
Mothering Ourselves: Help and Healing for A Daughters Self-Help
Moving Beyond Words Feminism
Ms. Noah Touches Earth Literature/Fiction
Mules and Men Literature/Fiction
My Princess Boy Gender Differences
My Sister's Keeper Self-Help
National Museum of Women History
Networking Work/Economics
Neural Geographics Feminism
New Women and New Fiction Literature/Fiction
Nickel And Dimed Work/Economics
Nightwood Ladies Almanack Literature/Fiction
Nine and Counting Politics
No Longer Young: The Older Woman in America Women in Society
No Turning Back History
Nobody Passes Gender Differences
Not for Ourselves Alone History
Not in God's Image History
Nothing But The Truth Lesbian Fiction
Nothing Sacred Literature/Fiction
Now that you know: Parent's Guide Allies
Odd Girl Out Women in Society
Old Maids Literature/Fiction
On her Own Literature/Fiction
On Our Own Women in Society
On the Subjugation of Women Gender Differences
Once Literature/Fiction
Ophelia Speaks Body Image
Our Blood: Prophecies and Disclosures on Sex Politics Violence
Our Bodies, Ourselves Feminism
Our Hidden Heritage History
Our place on campus Allies
Out of Bondage Biography
Out of Love Lesbian
Outgrowing the Pain Violence
Outragrous Acts and everyday Rebellious Biography
Passages Gender Differences
Pathfinders Self-Help
Personal Politics Politics
Philosophy in a New Key Philosophy
Plyas By and About Women Literature/Fiction
Possessing the Secret of Joy Literature/Fiction
Powers of Desire: The Politics of Sexuality Politics and Sexuality
Professions of Desire LGBT Fiction
Promiscuities: The secret struggle for womanhood Body Image
Protecting the Gift Violence
Pueblo Mothers and Children History
Push Literature/Fiction
Queen Bees and Wannabes Self-Help
Queen Eleanor Biography
Queer Greer LGBT Fiction
Queer in America LGBT Non-Fiction
Queer Phenomenology LGBT Non-Fiction
Queer Theory An Introduction LGBT Non-Fiction
Qur'an and Women Faith                                            
Race and Gender in the American Economy Work/Economics
Rainbow Boys LGBT Fiction
Rainbow High LGBT Fiction
Raindbow Road LGBT Fiction
Rainey Days Women's Fiction
Rape: The 1st Sourcebook for Women Violence
Reach for the Rainbow Violence
Reader in Gender, Work, and Organization Work/Economics
Real Sex for Real Women  Sexuality
Rebirth of Feminism Feminism
Redress for Success Politics
Refusing to be a Man Gender Differences
Reinventing Womanhood Women in Society
Revisionizing Men's Lives Men
Reviving Ophelia Body Image
Revolution From Within Self-Help
Revoultionary Petunias and Other Poems Literature/Fiction
Reweaving the World Eco-Feminism
Roe VS Wade History
Roger Fry Biography
Roles Women Play Feminism
S/He Brain Feminism
Sacrificing Our Selves for Love Self-Help
Same-Sex Marriage: Pro & Cons a Reader LGBT Non-Fiction
Sappho was a Right on Woman Lesbian
Secrets in the Stone Lesbian Fiction
Seven Women History
Sex and Destiny Sexuality
Sex and Gender Women in Society
Sex, Art, & American Culture Women in Society
Sexing the Body Sexuality
Sexism in School and Society Women in Society
Sexual Choice Sexuality
Sexual Orientation and the Law LGBT Non-Fiction
Sexual Politics Politics
She Captains Literature/Fiction
She's a Rebel History
She's Not There: A Life of Two Genders Transgender
Shield of Justice Lesbian Fiction
Silenced Sexualities in Schools and Universities Sexuality
Sisterhood is Powerful Activism
Sisterhood is Powerful Feminism
SMU Founding and Early Years History
So You Want to be a Lesbian LGBT Self-Help
Solutions the Women's Crisis handbook Self-Help
Speak Literature/Fiction
Speaking for Ourselves Biography
Stalkers and their Victims Violence
Stalking in Children and Adolescents Violence
Step Forward: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Violence
Stiffied: The Betrayal of the American Man Men
Stolen Lives Biography
Stonewall LGBT Fiction
Stop Domestic Violence Violence
Straight Jobs Gay Lives LGBT Non-Fiction
Straight Parents, Gay Children Allies
Stranded Lesbian
Subject to Debate Politics
Sula Work/Economics
Sumter Point Lesbian
Superwomen Do It Less Self-Help
Surviving a Stalker Violence
Taking our Pulse Women in Society
Technology and Woman's Work Work/Economics
Territories of Desire in Queer Culture LGBT Non-Fiction
Texas Tornado Biography
That's Mr. Faggot to You LGBT Fiction
The ABCs of Success for Young Women Work/Economics
The Abused and the Abuser Violence
The Ambitious Women's Guide to a Successful Carear Work/Economics
The American Sisterhood History
The American Woman 92-93 Politics
The American Woman's Gazettes History
The Assertive Woman Self-Help
The Autobiography of Alice Toklas Biography
The Beauty Myth Body Image
The Bisexual's Guide to the Universe Bisexual
The Book of Love Sexuality
The Book of Women's Firsts History
The Changing roles of Men and Women Gender Differences
The Chosen LGBT Fiction
The Church and the Second Sex Faith
The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty Literature/Fiction
The College Woman's Handbook Self-Help
The Company of Women Literature/Fiction
The Complete Stories Literature/Fiction
The Constitutional and Legal Rights of Women Politics
The Courage to Give Self-Help
The Creation of Patriarchy Women in Society
The Dance Away Lover Sexuality
The Dance of Intimacy Self-Help
The Decade of Women History
The Descent of Women History
The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminine Revolution Feminism
The Diary of Anais Nin Biography
The Economics of Being a Women Work/Economics
The Education of Women Politics
The Erotic Silence of the American Wife Sexuality
The Experience of the American Woman Literature/Fiction
The Fabric of the Future Faith
The Faith Club Faith
The Female Advantage: Woman's Ways of Leadership Politics
The Female Eunuch Feminism
The Female Man Women's Fiction
The Feminine Mystique Feminism
The Fire-Dwellers Literature/Fiction
The First Sex Feminism
The Fountain of Age Women in Society
The Future is Ours Activism
The Gay and Lesbian Literary Companion LGBT Fiction
The Gay World LGBT Non-Fiction
The Gender Reader Women in Society
The Gendered Economy: Work, Careers, and Success Work/Economics
The Gift fo Fear Violence
The Girl I left behind Women in Society
The Girl Within Body Image
The Girls Biography
The Grimke Sisters from South Carolina Biography
The Heart of a Women Literature/Fiction
The Hearts of Men Men
The House on Sandstone Lesbian
The Hungry Self Body Image
The Ideas of the Women Suffrage Movement History
The Inevitability of Patriarchy Women in Society
The Lesbian Postmodern Lesbian
The Lonely Hearts Club Lesbian
The Long Arc of Justice LGBT Non-Fiction
The Longest War Gender Differences
The Macho Paradox Men
The Making of Americans History
The Meaning of Matthew LGBT Fiction
The Merdian Anthology of Early Women Writers Literature/Fiction
The Midnight Hunt Lesbian Fiction
The Natural Superority of Women Feminism
The New Way to Become the Person You Want to Be Self-Help
The New Woman and other Emanpated Woman Plays Literature/Fiction
The Other Half Feminism
The Other Mother: A Lesbians fight for her daughter Lesbian
The Oven Birds Lesbian
The Peter Pan Syndrome: Men who have never Grown UP Men
The Pink Triangle LGBT Non-Fiction
The Plantation Mistress History
The Pleasure Bond Sexuality
The Politics of Rape Violence
The Portrait of a Lady Literature/Fiction
The Price of Motherhood Feminism
The Psychology of Sex Differences Gender Differences
The Psychology of Stalking Violence
The Purity Myth Body Image
The Purity Myth Body Image
The Queen's Throat LGBT Non-Fiction
The Remembered Gate History
The Rights of Women Politics
The Season's of a Man's Life Women in Society
The Season's of a Man's Life Men
The Second Sex Feminism
The Second Stage Feminism
The Secret Trauma: Incest In The Lives Of Girls And Women Violence
The Sexual Contact Sexuality
The Sexually Healthy Woman Sexuality
The Silenced Majority Politics
The Sisterhood Work/Economics
The Southern Lady History
The Spirit of Houston Politics
The Stalking of Kristin Violence
The Superwomen Syndrome Self-Help
The Temple of My Familiar Literature/Fiction
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall Literature/Fiction
The Testosterone Files Transgender
The Third Woman Women of Color
The Third Woman Women of Color
The Trouble with Islam Today Faith                                            
The Way of All Women Women of Color
The Whole Woman Feminism
The Woman in America History
The Woman Movement Feminism
The Woman Who Slept With Men to Take the War Out of Them and Tree Poetry
The Woman's Book Self-Help
The Woman's Modernment History
The Women of Brewster Place Literature/Fiction
The Women Say, the Men Say Feminism
The Women's Comfort Book Self-Help
The Women's Movement Activism
The Women's Selling Game Work/Economics
The World Split Open Activism
The Writings of Anna Wickham Biography
The Young Woman's Guide to Liberation Feminism
Thinking about Women Literature/Fiction
Thinking about Women Women in Society
Thinking like a Woman Activism
This Bridge Called My Back Women of Color
Time of Transition Work/Economics
To Form A More Perfect Union Politics
To Have or To Harm Violence
Tomorrow's Tomorrow Women of Color
Toward a Recognition of Androgyny Gender Differences
Toward Acceptance Allies
Transformations Literature/Fiction
Transparent Transgender
Uncle Tom's Cabin Women of Color
Unfinished Business Politics
Unfriendly Fire LGBT Non-Fiction
Unhooked Sexuality
Up Against the Wall, Mother Feminism
Vastly More than That LGBT Non-Fiction
Violence Against Lesbian and Gay Men LGBT Non-Fiction
Virtual Equality: The Mainstreaming of Gay and Lesbian Liberation LGBT Non-Fiction
Voices for Women Politics
Voices from Women's Liberation Feminism
Voices of Courage Violence
Voices of the New Feminism Feminism
Wacth Me Fly Biography
Waiting for Prime Time Work/Economics
Walking After Midnight LGBT Non-Fiction
Warrior Marks Violence
We are our Mothers' Daughters Women in Society
Welfare Mothers Speakout Work/Economics
What Women Want Biography
What Women Want Politics
What's Next Self-Help
Who answers to women Work/Economics
Why Do I think I'm Nothing Without Anyone? Self-Help
Why Does He Do That? Men
Why Marriage? LGBT Non-Fiction
Winning Strategies Self-Help
Wise Women Faith
Without Bias Work/Economics
Without You Biography
Woman as Force in History History
Woman as Winners Self-Help
Woman in Sexist Society Women in Society
Woman of Tomorrow Feminism
Woman, Culture, and Society Women in Society
Woman, Society, and Change Women in Society
Woman/Doctor Biography
Woman's Fate Activism
Womanspirit Rising Faith
Women and Children Last Gender Differences
Women and Families Women in Society
Women and Literature Literature/Fiction
Women and Men in Management Work/Economics
Women and Men Together Men
Women and Money Work/Economics
Women and National Development Work/Economics
Women and Other Aliens Women of Color
Women and Social Policy Politics
Women and the American Experience  History
Women and The Crisis in Sex Hormones History
Women and the Workplace Work/Economics
Women and Values Feminism
Women and Work Work/Economics
Women at the Well Faith
Women Don't Ask: The High Cost of Avoiding Negotiations Work/Economics
Women in a Man-Made World Work/Economics
Women in Business Work/Economics
Women in Higher Education Essays
Women in Organizations Work/Economics
Women in the Front Line Activism
Women in the Marterial World Work/Economics
Women into the Unknown Biography
Women of Crisis 2 Women in Society
Women of Crisis: Lives of Struggle and Hope Women in Society
Women of Spirit Faith
Women of The Republic HIstory
Women Together History
Women Without Class Women in Society
Women Workers and the Industrial Revolution History
Women, Democracy, and Globalization in North America Politics
Women, Men and Power Gender Differences
Women, Men and Society Gender Differences
Women, Men, and Society Gender Differences
Women, Race, and Class Women of Color
Women, Resistance, and Revolution Activism
Women, Sex, & Addiction Feminism
Women, Work, and Volunteering Work/Economics
Women: A Pictorial Archive History
Women: A World Report History
Women's Burnout Self-Help
Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey History
Women's Liberation & Literature Feminism
Women's Liberation: Blueprint for the Future Men
Women's Lives Biography
Women's Networks Work/Economics
Women's Sexualities Sexuality
Women's Ways of Knowing Feminism
Women's Ways of Knowing Women's Studies
Working it Out Work/Economics
Working Your Way to the Bottom Work/Economics
Wrapped in Blue Transgender
Writing Against the Word Biography
Written By Herself Biography
Yes Means Yes Violence
You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down Literature/Fiction
You Go Girl! Women in Society
You Just Don't Understand Gender