The Coming Out Monologues

Women's History Month

The Coming Out Monologues

The Coming Out Monologues, Thursday, October 10, 2019, Hughes-Trigg Student Center Theater, 6:00 pm


What is it?

The Coming Out Monologues is a powerful opportunity to hear a diverse collection of personal narratives and storytelling from the perspective of people in our community who identify as members of the LGBTQIAAP+ community and heterosexual/cisgender allies. It is an intimate window into the lives, stories, and experiences of LGBTQ people. These inspiring, insightful, and impactful stories are deeply poignant, funny, serious, heartbreaking, embarrassing, creative, painful and hopeful.

Participation in the monologues is open to members of the SMU community and our alumni.  While the event is titled as "monologues," we define this many different ways and believe that this can mean many different things: spoken word, poetry, visual art, and performance art of many different types. We also define Coming out in the broadest sense of the term and with the understanding that coming out is very individual and personal. This may include stories about specific coming out experiences, the idea of coming out, coming out to yourself, coming out as an ally, transitioning, and many other experiences not listed here.  

Public speaking or theater experience is not required and you do not have to memorize your performance. 

Sign Up to Tell Your Story: 

If you wish to perform a monologue, please sign up when you RSVP to the event through the 'submit here' button below.  

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