About Us

Tour of the Women & LGBT Center

The Women & LGBT Center can be found on the Third floor of the Hughes Trigg Student Center


Would you like a tour?


Studying and hanging out are always welcome


Check out one of the books or DVDs in our library 


As you turn the corner, check out our living room, where you can have a great discussion. 


Pick up the free resources or condoms


Grab some knitting supplies and start knitting 


or catch a nap on the couches


Study at our back table and look at the leadership wall that displays our student leaders


Our backroom is used for meetings and also serves as a lactation location 


We have a white board that can be used for equations


There is a small kitchen that has free coffee and is a great place if you are commuting to store your lunch


Stop by at anytime, we can't wait to see you in person!