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Student Advisory Board

Student Advisory Board

The purpose of the Vice President for Student Affairs Student Advisory Board is to provide feedback and student perspective to the Vice President of Student Affairs on critical issues impacting student life that may arise during the course of an academic year. The Board usually meets once each month during the Fall and Spring of the academic year.

Membership on the Vice President for Student Affairs Student Advisory Board includes the following individuals: student body president (or her/his designee), the two student representatives on the Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees, the Student Trustee, and the four Greek Council presidents.

Additionally, six other students are appointed to the Board through an application process (see below).

Ex officio members of the Advisory Board include the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Student Life; the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs; and an Executive Director of Student Life. Others, such as SMU faculty members or SMU alumni may also be appointed as Ex officio members of the Advisory Board.

Annual Application Process

Students interested in applying for a board appointment must be in good academic standing with the university (CUME GPA of 3.000 or higher) as well as be in good student conduct standing (no current or prior conduct record of Probation or higher).

For full details about this year's selection process, deadlines and application form, please click the ORGS@SMU form link below: