dorothy amann awards

Dorothy Amann Awards

Each year there are students who provide significant assistance to staff members within the Division of Student Affairs. Sometimes these outstanding graduating students will go unrecognized outside of the office situation in which they function. The Division of Student Affairs established the Dorothy Amann Award in 1992 in order to honor these students. This ceremony is held each Spring and friends and family are always welcome.


Dorothy Amann was secretary to President Robert S. Hyer from the time that Southern Methodist University received its charter in 1912 until President Hyer returned to teaching in 1920. Miss Amann then began a long career at SMU as the University Librarian. She was a loyal and dedicated member of the University community and was as instrumental to the success of this new institution as those whose names are prominent at SMU.

"Miss Amann was present for many of the important decisions related to the founding of this University. Much of SMU's success is due to her efforts." - Robert S. Hyer

In order for an award nominee to be eligible to be a recipient at the Hilltop Excellence Awards (HEA) or the Dorothy Amann Awards (DA), they must meet the following criteria. These criteria were established in 2012 and take effect for HEA/DA 2013. All award recipients prior to 2013 are grandfathered into HEA/DA without meeting these criteria:

  1. At the time of nomination and presentation of the award, recipients must currently be enrolled at (HEA & DA) or employed by (DA) SMU. An SMU Retiree may be nominated if they retired in the year of the ceremony (HEA).
  2. Students must graduate from SMU in the calendar year in which the award is given except in the case of the Freehafer Award.
  3. Student award recipients may be undergraduate or graduate students unless specifically proscribed in individual award criteria.

Requests to adapt these criteria must be received by January 1 of the year of the ceremony so that due consideration can be given, and to allow time for appropriate planning.

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2019 Ceremony