Mid-Level Management Institute

Alumni Testimonials

What 2009-2011 Participants have to say about the program:

  • "This was a great idea and a good professional development opportunity. The concept was great and the leadership was amazing." - Evaluation #1 (pdf)

  • "[I am] more + better connected to my co-workers and future mentors. I appreciate the opportunity to learn and explore other SA areas." - Evaluation #2 (pdf)

  • "Being 'new' to SMU, it was great for networking which has helped me a lot. Thank you all so much for investing in us and providing us with this great developmental opportunity." - Evaluation #3 (pdf)

  • "I discovered great new colleagues and enhanced relationships. I loved getting that grad school feeling. I appreciate the investment in my career. My affinity for SMU and Student Affairs only grows." - Evaluation #4 (pdf)

  • "MLMI has given me confidence to say (+ figure out) what it is I want to do with my career—how can I measure the value of this?! The journey has been enlightening: Thank you!" - Evaluation #5 (pdf)

  • "My MLMI experience has challenged me to continue to develop myself professionally and seek more knowledge about our field." - Evaluation #6 (pdf)

  • "I really enjoyed the MLMI course. I have learned so much abot SMU + Student Affairs....I also appreciated how the course involved 'students' from across the campus. This helped me network with staff and departments across SMU that I may not have come in contact with otherwise....Another enjoyable aspect of the course was the strong sense of support. I felt that everyone involved created a strong sense of community and encouragement."- Evaluation #7 (pdf)

  • "I was excited to enter the program because I thought that it would provide me an opportunity to learn abot the inner workings of SMU. It did that and so much more! I discovered depts. that I knew nothing about and I found our discussions to be lively and entertaining." - Evaluation #8 (pdf)

  • "The MLMI experience broadened my “SMU best practices” knowledge, deepened my working relationships with other mid-level managers, and enhanced my career goals as a Student Affairs professional.  The literature reviewed, conversations discussed, and lectures observed in those weekly meetings are vital if you fancy yourself as a future senior manager of Student Affairs."

    Darin Ford, MA, LPC
    2009 MLMI Participant
    Director, Hegi Family Career Development Center