SMU Student Affairs

Student Affairs Committees & Volunteer Opportunities Overview

Shared leadership is an important value within the SMU Division of Student Affairs. One manifestation of this value is through individual staff participation in Division-wide committees. Student Affairs Division-wide committees examine issues of importance to our Division and enhance the effectiveness of our student support, programs, services and activities. Additionally, Division-wide committees help sustain the esprit de corps of our Division. With the exception of administrative and facilities’ staff, every member of the Division should serve on at least one Student Affairs Committee. Administrative and facilities’ staff members are welcome to serve on committees with their supervisor’s approval. Through your active participation in a Student Affairs Committee you will contribute to the development of our overall goals of ensuring student success; facilitating student learning; and developing and maintaining an exemplary division of student affairs.

Student Affairs Standing Committees

(These are ongoing committees within the Division.)

For more information or to register for a committee or a volunteer opportunity, click on the committee names. (Student Affairs login required)

Vice President’s Committees

(Established by the Vice President for a finite purpose.) 

  • Strategic Planning Steering Committee
  • General Education Requirements Committee

Ad Hoc Committees

(Those committees which are formed because of the interest and energy of small groups within the Division.  These committees will ebb and flow annually dependent upon staff interest.  Listed below are examples of committees that have been formed in previous years, but are no longer holding meetings.  Ideas for new Ad Hoc Committees are welcome.)

  • Conflict and Dispute Resolution
  • Spirit and Traditions Committee

Divisional Volunteer Opportunities

(Those opportunities which exist on a recurring basis within the Division and provide staff the ability to contribute their time and efforts to help support the operational needs of various departments.  Listed below are examples of such opportunities.)

  • Conduct & Community Standards Hearing Board Officers and Conduct Liaisons
  • New Student Orientation & Student Support Mustang Corral Mentor

**Each Committee is required to develop a mission statement and 2-3 learning or other outcomes for the work of the committee and submit a brief report of the committee’s work at the end of the academic year.  Each Committee may also submit a proposal for funding.