The Caswell Leadership Development Program

Program Information

About the Caswell Leadership Program

The Caswell Leadership Program is about more than just the project. It was established in recognition of Dr. James E. Caswell, a beloved SMU administrator and educator known for instilling in his students a passion for learning, leadership skills, and high ethical standards. To honor Dr. Caswell's legacy at SMU through this program, we aim to provide students with a unique and well-rounded opportunity to develop individual leadership competencies. Students selected for the Caswell Leadership Program have the unique opportunity to engage with the following resources to support their project and personal leadership goals:

  • Project Funding: Recipients will receive up to $2,500 to execute their proposed project.
  • Project Support: Participants will receive support to complete their project through established program meetings with the Caswell Steering Committee, SMU Staff, and other Fellows. Project participants may have the opportunity to meet with various Caswell Board members, including many prestigious alumni.
  • Mentorship: Participants will be mentored by an SMU faculty or staff member who can provide support for the project development and personal leadership development.
  • Personal Leadership Development: The Community Engagement & Leadership Center will provide support for the participants' personal leadership development through individualized meetings with staff and support for project completion. Students will receive a copy of the Student Leadership Challenge to learn about The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership.
  • Leadership Assessment Tools: Participants will have the opportunity to take the Student Leadership Practices Inventory, a 360° leadership assessment tool designed specifically for students to measure their leadership competencies. This will form the basis for a personalized leadership development profile. Additional assessments are also available through the Community Engagement & Leadership Center.
  • LeaderShape Institute: Participants have the opportunity to participate in The National LeaderShape Institute the summer after selection for the program. Participation in the LeaderShape Institute is intended to kick-start the project and leadership development action plan to support the assessment and the project.