The Caswell Leadership Development Program

The Caswell Leadership Development Program

Do you have an idea that would enhance the leadership in your student organization? Maybe a project or a cause that you care deeply about? Have you noticed a need in the community and have an idea to address it?

The Caswell Endowment for Leadership Development and Training aims to provide unique opportunities for students to acquire the experience and knowledge to succeed in life, but also to inspire and lead others to success. Through this program, we aim to provide students with the resources and support necessary to create a successful and sustainable leadership project, as well as to develop their own leadership skills.

Projects are encouraged to fall under one of the following five categories, however other project areas may be considered:

  • Organizational Leadership: Designing initiatives which promote the application of leadership outside a structured classroom environment
  • Community-Based Leadership: Exploring the application of leadership within a social, cultural, or community-based group or non-profit
  • Faith-Based Leadership: Applying theologically influenced leadership principles in a real-world setting
  • Environmental Leadership: Applying leadership principles to a project which promotes specific tenets of environmental responsibility
  • Culturally Competent Leadership: Equipping oneself and others with knowledge, awareness, and skills to engage in an ever changing and globalized society
  • Fraternity and Sorority Leadership: Designing initiatives which promote the development of ethical leaders within fraternity and sorority communities

Past successful projects have included on-campus ESL classes taught by student volunteers and offered to campus service workers, a program aimed at developing student leadership in the Engineers Without Borders organization, a collaborative project with the All Stars Project of Dallas and performance art with Meadows Students, and a film project aimed at portraying how students accept and celebrate diverse identities.

It's not just about the project. It's about you, too.

The Caswell Leadership Program is about more than just the completion of a project. Through this program we aim to provide students with a unique and well-rounded opportunity to develop individual leadership competencies. Students selected for the program have the unique opportunity to engage with a wide variety of resources to support their project and personal leadership goals. Learn more about these resources here.