Student Affairs Brand Identity Program

Student Affairs Brand Identity Program

Strengthening Our Visual Communications

SMU Student Affairs is dedicated to creating a cohesive learning environment for SMU students. To do this, we must ensure that our programs and services project an engaging and recognizable image. Building recognition among our students, parents, colleagues and community requires consistent, high-quality communication materials.

This website contains the guidelines for our new graphic identity program. It was created to unify all visual communications under the Division of Student Affairs. Individual, departmentalized materials have hindered our ability to communicate to students, faculty, staff, parents and community members the inter-connectedness of the various Student Affairs departments. These graphic identity standards are designed to enrich our communication with students and, ultimately, the student experience itself.

Our graphic identity manual offers all the tools needed to develop clear, consistent messages with visual appeal and a friendly, professional tone. The identity program is designed with the flexibility to address the variety of communication needs within all our departments. When using the elements in this guide—signature bar, color palette, typography and design formats—it is critical to consistently follow these guidelines.

Please share this manual with all colleagues and vendors who produce print and electronic communications for SMU. Together, we will create a stronger communications program and a deeper connection to our students.

Joanne Vogel

Joanne Vogel, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs ad interim