Strategic Plan

Student Conduct and Community Standards

Strategic Plan


The Student Conduct and Community Standards Office assists students in their personal development by providing a fair conduct review process that issues consistent sanctions for behavior that is incongruent with the University's expectations for students. The Office addresses academic and non-academic behavior.


  • Expanded the use of our software to allow resident assistants to input incidents via the software incident reporting form
  • Enhanced the training provided to the University Conduct Board to include case studies so the UCB members are able to transfer learning to “real world” scenarios. 
  • Assisted in the revising the University Conduct Review Process to align with the guidance provided from the Office of Civil Rights
  • Advised and provided administrative support to the Honor Council as they conducted 10 hearings.


  • Departure of the Assistant Director prior to the start of the fall semester.


Student Success

  • Continue to work with the Honor Council to adjudicate cases that are referred to them.

Student Learning

  • Provide effective training to the Interfraternity Council Hearing Board, University Conduct Board, and the University Conduct Council.
  • Continue using the Informal Resolution process to reduce the rate of recidivism in students who violate the alcohol policy.

Exemplary Division of Student Affairs

  • Continue to evaluate the Conduct Review Process by conducting a survey of students who have been required to go through the process to ensure we are using the best practices within the area of student conduct.