New Student Orientation & Student Support

Strategic Plan


To provide programs and services that support new students and families in transition to Southern Methodist University as well as provide leadership training and development for current students.


Implemented changes to the AARO Academic Sessions and process of advising at AARO, to reflect the changes in the structure of advising as well as the new University Curriculum.  Hired a new Coordinator in October 2012.


Remain flexible in our programming as we anticipate the cultural changes that will come with the move to a Residential Commons system and work to address those changes.


Student Success

  • Continue to place an emphasis in training on the University Curriculum and Advising changes so that student leaders feel comfortable answering questions and promoting these changes.
  • Continue to increase collaboration with the International Students and Scholars office to more effectively serve the unique needs of this population.

Student Learning

  • Further assess the Orientation Leadership Institute to make it more effective.
  • Find ways that OLI and the AARO Leader and Mustang Corral Student Director positions could be incorporated into the University Curriculum.

Exemplary Division of Student Affairs

  • Provide faculty and staff opportunities to engage with students outside the classroom, through Mentor and Sneak Preview roles at Mustang Corral, Faculty Presentations at AARO.