Strategic Plan

Hughes-Trigg Student Center

Strategic Plan


The Hughes-Trigg Student Center will support student activities and programs, provide professional services, and adapt to the ever changing needs of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. 

  • Program Support – Providing the space and resources students and staff need within the Hughes-Trigg Student Center which supports the growth and development of fellow students and staff through civic, cultural, educational, and recreational programs.
  • Facilities – Continued evaluation and improvements of the facility to ensure Hughes-Trigg Student Center is providing a friendly and safe environment that is conducive to the building of a stronger Southern Methodist University community through student gatherings, meetings, and events.
  • Services – Make available those professional services, conveniences, and amenities that enhance and enrich the students’ out-of-classroom experience while serving the Southern Methodist University community as a whole.


During the 2012-2013 academic year the HTSC:

  • Booked over 5,637 events from with an estimated attendance of 217,101.
  • Supported over 3,200 student-led events.
  • Worked with 402 late night events of which Hughes-Trigg Student Center coordinated or sponsored 66 of those events.
  • HTSC AV department provided AV services for over 625 events outside the HTSC.
  • Hosted weekly student led events in the M Lounge including Open Mic Nights, Gaming nights and viewing parties.
  • We relocated the plaques for M Award and Presidential Scholars to the crossing to better display them to the SMU community
  • Remodeled the Varsity room to be more conducive to a wider variety of programming including the Parents Weekend BBQ, live local bands, Salsa Dancing lessons to name a few.


The greatest challenge the Hughes-Trigg Student Center faces is the demand for space is higher than the space available.

  • We turn away roughly 22-25 reservations a week.
  • There still is a shortage in lounge space for students.
  • We constantly get requests for additional storage from student organizations and tenants of the center.
  • Continue to have mechanical issues with the services elevator.
  • The building maintenance team is without adequate space to perform some of the basic maintenance requests. 
  • Continue to see the Theater flood after heavy rains because of the sump pump malfunctions.
  • The plan to decorate the Varsity with SMU memorabilia was stalled as we work with other partners across campus to acquire items (both three dimensional and two dimensional) to decorate the Varsity walls with.  The theme we are trying to achieve is “SMU:  Past meets Present” 


Student Success

Student Focused Center:  Where the Hughes-Trigg Student Center staff has invested their time and thus taking our services above and beyond is in the growing number of programs that the student center has co-sponsored with student organizations during the 2012-2013 academic years.  Including such partnerships with:

  • Program Council on every other Thursday night Movie Nights and TREAT (Talent Recruitment and Entertainment Agency Team)   every other Thursday night Open Mic Nights in the M Lounge
  • TREAT (Talent Recruitment and Entertainment Agency Team) who we partnered with to put on Stage Rush a student talent show which was held in September and again in the Spring.
  • Omega Delta Phi who we partnered with the last four years to host a campus wide Super Bowl Party in the student center. 
  • The Student Center has also taken on programming that was once done by other groups on campus including live local bands in the Varsity.
  • The staff of the Hughes Trigg Student Center is continually looking for ways to put on programs or help students make their programs even better.

Student Learning

Extension of the Classroom:  Hughes-Trigg staff will support and enhance student staff skills across the following developmental areas: customer Service, Conflict Management, Initiative, Communication, Problem-Solving, Teamwork, Development Orientation, Stress Management, Attention to Detail, and Organizational Skills. Specifically through pre and post assessment questionnaires designed to determine student staff baseline skills and how those skills were developed over the student staffs' employment period.  Additionally we have created positions for Student Employee Managers which gives selected deserving students to the opportunity to train, schedule, develop and interview other student employees for the Mane Desk, Audio Visual Department as well as Hughes Trigg Student Center Staff Office.

Exemplary Division of Student Affairs

Facility:  Actively evaluate and implement plans to upgrade the physical structure, aesthetic appeal, and technological capabilities of the Center.