Strategic Plan

Health Services

Strategic Plan


The mission of the SMU Health Service is to provide quality, caring, cost effective and convenient ambulatory healthcare and health education services in association with other university departments that promote healthy lifestyles and enhance academic productivity leading to satisfying and rewarding college experiences.


$5 Million Gift:  The Dr. Bob and Jean Smith Foundation made a $5 million gift to the Health Center in 2012.  The Health Center will be named the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center when a new building is completed.  The planned completion is late 2015.

Electronic Health Records:  The United States health care industry is following the trend of other industries and migrating from paper to electronic records.  The Health Center selected PointnClick in January 2012 as the vendor with setup meetings starting in July.  Following almost eight months of setup, the Health Center staff went live with electronic records February 25, 2013.

Dartmouth Collaborative:  The SMU Health Center is one of thirty-two universities participating in the Dartmouth Learning Collaborative on High Risk Drinking researching and addressing binge drinking on college campuses.  Representatives from SMU have been attending Collaborative conferences with other universities since inception.  Participating universities gather and share information to address problem and binge drinking.  The Collaborative was originally planned for three years, but now may enlarge and continue indefinitely.  The next conference is planned in summer 2013.


The major challenge facing the Health Services Department is working in a very outdated building that was designed as a student infirmary and now operates as a comprehensive outpatient student health center.  The building does not meet current disabilities standards, lacks privacy especially in student waiting areas, and lacks adequate patient parking.  This challenge is currently being addressed working with the Smith Group JJR architectural firm planning a new Health Center building. 


Student Success

Make health services accessible to students:  The Health Center Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) is short of counseling staff and at the same time trying to meet increasing demand for services.  Counseling and Psychiatric Services has approved positions and are currently recruiting professional staff.  The medical floor is currently fully staffed.

Student Learning

Health Education:  Galen Laprocido is continuing to lead the Health Center education outreach, although she has reduced her hours.  The Health Center will be recruiting a full-time health educator with an expanding role to address sexual assault education.

Exemplary Division of Student Affairs

Facilities:  The Health Center building is fifty years old and needs to be both modernized and enlarged.  Although the Center is accredited by the AAAHC, the building does not project an exemplary division or compare favorably with other campus buildings and many other university health centers.