Strategic Plan

Dean of Student Life

Strategic Plan


The Dean of Student Life departments educate students and the larger SMU community by providing purposeful opportunities for learning, personal growth, clarifying values and developing skills that promote responsible citizenship.


The Dean of Student Life and Associate Director again met with a significant number of students, due to the steady flow of Caring Community Connections (CCC) submissions by faculty and staff. The office received a total of 436 CCCs during the 2012-13 academic year, as opposed to 488 CCCs during the 2011-12 and 331 reported in 2010-11. Additionally, the number of submissions that were categorized as “Routine” or “Urgent” remained about the same – from a combined 293 in 2011-12 to 287 in 2012-13.


The nature of student issues dealt with this past year was more serious in scope and required more staff attention and intervention than in past years. The department saw the departure of the Assistant Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards just before school began in the Fall 2012, and that need was met by welcoming Tracy Veliz from the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports to serve in a collateral assignment as a conduct hearing officer. Melinda Sutton also joined the Student Life Office as Associate Dean, in charge of oversight for Student Conduct and Community Standards.


Student Success

  • Advised Student Representatives to the Board of Trustees. Met regularly with Student Trustee to plan meetings and activities, particularly Dining with Decision Makers in the spring of 2013 and Trustee and Student Representative selection for 2013-14. Continued the practice of holding campus-wide information meetings for the student trustee recruitment and application process.

Student Learning

  • Formed and co-chaired the Fraternity Leadership & Community Development Committee, which included members of all active SMU fraternities and several chapter advisors during the Spring 2013. The final report recommended practical and effective steps that the Greek community will implement in the 2013-2014 academic year addressing recruitment, internal accountability, new member programs, and positive image

Exemplary Division of Student Affairs

  • Continued to provide a high level of support, referral and follow-up for students who came to our attention through CCC and other submissions.