Strategic Plan

Hegi Family Career Development Center

Strategic Plan


The Hegi Family Career Development Center cultivates excellence in career development, employment preparation, and professional opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and alumni by providing career decision making, experiential learning and networking services and programs.  The Career Center develops resources and opportunities by promoting fruitful partnerships with employers, academic departments, and the university community so students can define fulfilling careers.


This past academic year we demonstrated our continuing success in offering individualized career services, experiential learning opportunities, networking experiences, and employment opportunities for our students.  The Fall 12 and Spring 13 career fairs recorded an average of 700 students and over 100 employers in attendance per semester during these tough economic times; Throughout the academic year over 1500 employment interviews were successfully conducted by over 100 companies during the on-campus interview process; Our battery of 50+ workshops, panels and in-class presentations attracted over 1800 students; The Career Development Team completed over 1500 individual career counseling interventions with undergraduate students, graduate students and alumni.

From an operational standpoint, we completed many major goals:

  • Fully established the on-demand career advising service for all majors which is now offered each weekday
  • Established a job shadowing program for all majors in partnership with SMU Alumni Office
  • In partnership with OMSA and the Women’s Center, we fully established and improved on offering the Diversity Networking Event for our alumni-employers and students of color.
  • Successfully placed undergraduate students in the domestic internship program in Orange County, CA


  • Offer more relevant internships and networking events for the Liberal Arts and Communication Arts students
  • Encourage 1st and 2nd year students to get involved with the Career Center and CEL experiential initiatives, resources, and events
  • Offer more in-depth training to the Liberal Arts undergraduates and young alumni on current job-search strategies, networking strategies, and successful interviewing skills
  • Develop a common language and successful evidence-based strategies with the academic advising staff when working with undecided majors


Student Success

  • Synthesize and create relevant community engagement, leadership, and career development events and services for all majors
  • Improve 1st and 2nd Year Outreach—Design programs and collaborate with Academic Advising, Wellness, NSOSS, and OMSA for recurring student touch-points
  • Increase employment opportunities and networking connections for 3rd and 4th Year undergraduates

Student Learning

  • Establish Alumni and Faculty Programming—Teach the power of technology and networking via the established LinkedIn network of alumni & create individual faculty partnerships
  • Grow the Domestic Internship and Networking Programs—Create new national and regional opportunities and in areas with large alumni populations

Exemplary Division of Student Affairs

  • Demonstrate an ability to lead, present and publish--Become career services experts at the state and national level
  • Improve Career Center's customer service—Counselor learning outcomes; front desk reception; on-campus interviewing expectations
  • Employ a unified image branding campaign—Increase new student awareness to 95%