Division of Student Affairs

Mission Statement

The Division of Student Affairs creates and supports a robust student experience and forges strategic partnerships to best serve the entire SMU community. As educators and scholar-practitioners, we create purposeful learning and leadership opportunities for students to clarify and develop their knowledge, values, skills, and identities - challenging each to become a world changer.

Commitment Statements

In conjunction with SMU’s philosophy of developing world changers through the vital foundation of a liberal arts education, the Division of Student Affairs has established commitments, to direct how our staff approach their work holistically supporting students in the development of meaningful lives. When recruiting prospective staff members, graduate assistants, and seasoned professionals for the Division of Student Affairs, these commitments help to serve as a guiding foundation for decision making on hiring and choosing to become a part of our Mustang family. These commitments are the overarching expectations for our work in this student-centered environment, and are promises from our staff to each other and to the student body at SMU. By embodying these commitments in both words and actions, we strive to move our division forward, together. 

Breaking Down Barriers

We commit to helping students break down the social, physical, and emotional barriers that may inhibit their success.

Modeling the Way

We commit to modeling the way for our students by engaging them with respect and integrity, and by demonstrating congruence in expectation and action. 

Innovating Our Work

We commit to a culture of intellectual curiosity and innovation to develop, with student input, new strategies and implement new programs to more effectively serve our campus community. 

Acting Responsibly

We commit to being responsible stewards of our resources and influence, and promise to hold ourselves and each other accountable in our daily work. 

Being a Positive Agent of Change 

We commit to being agents of positive change on our campus and in our communities, excited by what the future holds for SMU and empowered to help shape that future.

Developing World Changers 

We commit to purposefully engaging our students as individuals and leaders, to recognize their unique skills, talents, and identities and to help develop each one as a world changer in their own right.