SMU Student Handbook


Dear Students:

Dr. K.C. Mmeje, Vice President for Student AffairsWelcome to the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Community! Whether you are entering for your first semester or returning to continue your studies, we are glad you are here. If you are a new student, we hope you will quickly find new friends and new opportunities for personal and intellectual growth. If you are a returning student, we are happy to welcome you back to SMU!

The SMU Student Handbook is your guide to information and services available through your affiliation with SMU. It includes information related to your rights and responsibilities as members of the SMU community, both on and off campus. The Handbook includes the Student Code of Conduct, the University Conduct Review Process, Honor Code, and information/expectations that SMU needs to communicate to its students. The most up-to-date version of this handbook can viewed online at at any time.

You will be held accountable for adhering to the policies and procedures outlined in this Handbook, both on and off campus. Please become familiar with this information.

Again, we are pleased that you are a part of the SMU community. We believe SMU offers much to its students, and we hope that you will take full advantage of all SMU has to offer you. We also look forward to what you will contribute to our community.


K.C. Mmeje, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs


Last revision - 10 July 2019