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Social Event Registration Form (On Campus Parties)

In keeping with the principles and values expressed by the SMU's student body to uphold the values of personal responsibility and sincere regard and respect for all, we aim to provide the best possible environment for learning and enrichment for our students who gather for special events. Toward this end, as expressed in the university alcohol policy, we urge all members of the SMU community to treat the presence of alcoholic beverages on campus with responsibility, prudence, and moderation.


Party Registration Policy

  • The registration process for house parties and/or on campus parties will be managed by the Dean of Student Life Office. SMUPD will be a co-signer on the registration form for all parties occurring on campus.
  • The President(s) of organization(s) hosting the party must be present at the party.
  • Parties can only be held on Friday and Saturday nights during Spring Semester.
  • Event cannot be advertised off-campus or to individuals off-campus.
  • No more than 2 groups can host an event together.
  • Parties will be held from 10pm until 2am. Last call for alcohol serving will be 12:00am on Fridays and 1:00am on Saturdays.
  • An organization must be in good conduct standing to be eligible to apply for a house party.
  • No more than one party per night, only two parties per weekend will be approved.
  • Organizations will have to have 5 SERC points to be considered for a party.


 Alcohol Service

  • Only beer and wine may be served and must be served by Aramark, a licensed third party vendor. 
  • All parties with alcohol must also serve complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, which must be individually served prepackaged or sealed (i.e. bottled water or soda) and non-salty foods.
  • Students who are 21 and over will be identified similar to the process used to check IDs and wristband students on the Boulevard. Scanners may also be used.
  • Alcohol servers have the right to limit the number of alcoholic beverages served to party attendees.



  • The SMUPD will be responsible for checking the guest list.
  • There will be a minimum of three SMU Police Officers at each party. 
  • More officers may be required depending on the configuration of the house or venue. The total number of officers will be determined in consultation with SMUPD.
  • Student Affairs staff will be present.
  • The group hosting the party will be required to have TIPs trained party monitors, the number of party monitors will be determined by the SMUPD.
  • Number of guests allowed at the party will be based on the number allowed by the Fire Marshall to be in the house at one time. SMUPD will ensure that the number of guests does not exceed the allowable number.
  • Only SMU students or students who have been invited by an SMU student and whose name is on the guest list will be allowed to attend the party.  The IDs of guests will also be checked to determine whether a guest is 21 or not.  
  • The organization may submit to SMUPD a list of individuals who will not be allowed to attend the party.
  • No one may enter the party who is visibly intoxicated. SMUPD also has the right to escort individuals from the party who are too intoxicated or to shut the party down all together for safety reasons.
  • Only residents of the house hosting the party will be allowed into the student living areas of the house. Residents should be designated with a wristband or some other identification feature to indicate that they live in the house and have access to the residential area. Residents will not be permitted to bring guests upstairs during the house party. In and out access to upstairs living areas will be limited.
  • No alcoholic beverage is permitted outside in the front of the house or venue.


Post Party Review

  • There will be a post party review on Mondays following a campus party to discuss how the party went and what improvements may be made for the next one. Representatives from Student Life, SMPD, the hosting group, and any other relevant Student Affairs office will be in attendance.

The Social Event Registration for on Campus Parties with Alcohol form, guest list, and signature page are due at noon Thursday, the week prior to the event. See instructions below.


Guest List Requirements

Guests lists must be provided no later than one week (7 days) before the date of the event. The names should include everyone who will be in attendance. Guests are not allowed to attend unless they are on the list provided to Jennifer Jones. The list should be typed in excel and arranged in alphabetical order by last name, then printed out and delivered to Suite 302 in Hughes Trigg or SMU PO Box 355. Email versions of the guest list will not be considered a submission.

Your request will not be processed until our office receives the guest list. 


Signature Page Requirements

A link to download the required signatures form will be emailed to you in this form confirmation. You must print the form and obtain specific signatures including one from the following departments:

  • SMU Police Department
  • Dean of Student Life Representative
  • Your advisor(s)
  • Resident Life and Student Housing Representative
  • Greek Life Representative
  • Conduct and Community Standards Office Representative
  • Student Activities Representative
  • Risk Management Representative
  • Vice President for Student Affairs
  • and finally (the last signature) the Executive Director of Student Life
Upon obtaining your final signature you will be able to turn your form into Jennifer Jones in the Dean of Student Life Office, Hughes-Trigg 302. The form must be turned in with all signatures the Thursday one week before your event.

Note: You will need to circulate the signature form along with the information you’ve just provided through the online form. This can be printed from your email confirmation.


Requestor Information
include AM or PM
include AM or PM
Beer to be served?

Wine to be served?

You will be required to send us a guest list for your request to be processed.
Advisor Information
Officer(s) in Charge of the Event

If this form is completed without accurate names, email addresses and phone numbers for the hosting organization(s) president(s), it is invalid and another form will need to be completed.

(Required if there is a second hosting organization.)
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