About the Office of the Dean of Students

Program Offices - Student Wellbeing & Support

The following offices and departments are overseen by the Dean of Students.

Dr. Bob Smith Health Center

At the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center, SMU students receive comprehensive, quality health care in a state-of-the-art campus facility. Services provided include medical services, counseling services, health education, and a pharmacy. Health Center staff members provide care with a focus on student wellness and informed lifestyle choices, which are important contributors to academic, professional and personal success. Students in crisis who feel they need immediate help from counseling services should visit the Health Center during office hours or call 214-768-2277 to reach a clinician 24/7.


Department of Recreational Sports / Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports

Here at the Department of Recreational Sports, we'll get you going. From team sports to personal fitness to active fun, you'll find it all here. We're located in the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports. The Center offers 170,000 square feet of indoor recreational space plus an outdoor social area that includes The Falls (a zero entry pool with 7-foot waterfalls), two sand volleyball courts, and leisure spaces. Come check us out and find the active way you want to live.


Student Support, Advocacy, and Accountability

The department of Student Support, Advocacy, and Accountability dedicates itself to providing proactive education, expert response, and intentional collaborations to address behavioral, persona, and academic matters. The department advances the Division of Student Affairs strategic plan by compassionately empowering students to make educated and informed decisions as world changers.

- Student Conduct & Community Standards

We seek to promote community, scholarship, and civility by holding students accountable to the Student Code of Conduct and the Honor Code. We assist students in understanding the importance of ethical and intentional decision making with the SMU community and beyond. We recognize when students make mistakes and assist them in bringing their actions into congruence with the expectations set forth by the University.


- Office of Student Support

Staff in the Office of Student Support oversee the Caring Community Connections (CCC) program. They work directly with and provide support to any SMU student who may be struggling outside the classroom with any sort of issue and assist in getting them connected to appropriate available resources.


- Violence Prevention and Support Services

The Office of Violence Prevention and Support Services at SMU is dedicated to preventing and addressing sexual harassment and sexual violence on campus. We believe in fostering a culture that prioritizes consent and respect, and responds to and supports survivors and their allies. As part of these efforts, we are working to engage all members of the university community to create a healthy and inspiring environment where violence in any form is not tolerated.