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Friday Update from Student Affairs

Friday Update Procedures

The purpose of the Friday Update is to inform students about events in the upcoming week they can attend. 

Events that are the best fit for the Friday Update:
Do not require reservations any earlier than the Friday before
 Are of interest to many or most students
 Are social in nature

To submit your event for consideration in the Friday Update, create an event through your organization's portal on Connect.SMU and select the audience as "Public" or "Campus Only." Be sure to submit by Wednesday at 8 AM to be considered for that week's Friday Update.

Events in the Friday Update must be:
Open to all students, including graduate and undergraduate, in all class years
Occurring in the next week
Sponsored by a SMU student organization or university department
• Free to attend

The Friday Update will not include:
Announcements for job postings, applications, surveys, etc.
Events that require signup earlier than the publishing of the Friday Update
General member meetings
Recurring events
Events missing necessary information, like time, date, location
Events that do not adhere to the Student Code of Conduct, SMU Policy, and Student Affairs Event Guidelines. 

The Friday Update will be published throughout the fall and spring semesters, with the following exceptions:
University holidays
No class (i.e. Spring Break)
Before the last partial week of the semester

In order to produce a Friday Update that is eye-catching and interesting, Student Involvement may:
Group like events together
Place Tier 1 or 2 events near the top of the email
Limit the number of events to avoid excessive length
Prioritize student organization events over departmental events
Edit event descriptions for length and clarity

To increase the likelihood that your event is included in the Friday Update, keep your description brief and interesting! Do not list the time, date, or location as that information is available elsewhere in your event listing.

Many advertising opportunities are available in addition to the Friday Update:
Post your event on Connect. There are 11,000+ engaged users!
West Bridge banners
Digital signage
HTSC bulletin boards 

Questions? Contact Lauren Chapman at