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Forms & Procedures

Student Involvement Forms

The forms below are either a PDF or a link to an SMU Connect form or Sharepoint form (authorized SMU Office365 login required). For a PDF form, please print, complete, and return the form to Lydia Dale in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center, Suite 314. 

Other Resource Forms

The forms listed below are not managed by Student Involvement. Please contact the offices listed on the form if you have any questions.

Student Involvement Procedures 

Outdoor Event Request

All activities taking place on University streets and grounds must be sponsored (see definition of sponsorship below) by SMU chartered student organizations and/or departments and must be approved through the Outdoor Event Request Form.

Sponsoring SMU Departments or Student Organizations shall commit to the following:

  • If an event becomes disruptive of the normal operations of the University, it may be canceled at any time before or during the event by the SMU Police Department.
  • Approved structures must comply with all city requirements, (e.g., having fire extinguishers on site, posting no smoking signs, etc.)
  • On home football game days, the Boulevard and all campus grounds are managed exclusively by the SMU Athletic Department.

Signs and Posters

Signs and posters should:

  1. Respect the rights of others, reflect responsible behavior, be conducive to the educational environment, and uphold the integrity of the University;
  2. Bear the name of the sponsoring student organization or department;
  3. Receive appropriate approval for each facility before being posted;
  4. Follow Stake Sign Guidelines for signs placed on campus grounds.

Solicitation from Outside Entities

  • Vendors can rent the HTSC Crossing to promote their goods and service and do not have access to SMU via email, flyer, outdoor events, tabling, etc. Vendors may not make direct contact with fraternity and sorority chapters, including physical houses.
  • SMU services are exclusive to the SMU community unless a SMU department or chartered student organization sponsors the event (see definition of sponsorship below).


Sponsoring SMU Departments or Student Organizations shall commit to the following:

  • Compliance with all SMU policies and guidelines;
  • Assurance that the event/activity is consistent with the mission and purpose of the department or organization;
  • A SMU faculty, staff, or student contact person who will attend the event;
  • Financial responsibility for all event related expenses including, but not limited to, sanitation, security, parking, and liability insurance;
  • Confirmation of sponsorship by the department or organization through an authorized signature on the appropriate form.

Last update: June 2019